Maserin 164 EDC
The 164 EDC is a slim, slender two-hand opening pocket knife with a slipjoint (non-locking) mechanism designed for everyday carry.
Maserin 165 In-Estro
The In-Estro slipjoint comes from Alessandro Olivetto, also from Maniago, Italy, combining traditions of the past with modern design and materials.
Maserin 195 Sessantesimo
The Sessantesimo slipjoint is a two-blade traditional folder which honors Maserin's 60th anniversary, harkening back to the first models produced by the company in the 1960s.
Maserin 380 Gourmet
The 380 is part of Maserin's Gourmet line of everyday carry knives. Originally designed by Attilio Morotti as an EDC steak knife, this liner locking blade is pure class.
Maserin 387 Arint
Another collaboration between Maserin and Italian knifemaker Atillio Morotti, the 387 Arint is a high-class gentleman's knife through and through.
Maserin 392
Maserin's innovative mid-size folder is a breath of fresh air. Instead of a typical flipper, the 392 utilizes jimping on the spine as a opener. Carbon fiber handles are matched up with an AUS8 stainless steel blade on the 392.
Maserin 420 Artiglio
Full size tactical flipper knives with fast, smooth opening and touch, D2 steel blades.
Maserin 640 Ghost
Another collaboration between Maserin and designer Alessandro Zanin, the Ghost Flipper is a robust knife perfect for CQB/CQC.
Maserin 940 Badger
Another collaboration between Maserin and designer Alessandro Zanin, the Badger is a hefty fixed blade with an eye for self-defense.
Maserin Alice Steak Knife Set
A collaboration between Italian jewelry designer Ivo Sedazzari and Maserin Knives gave way to a set of steak knives that are distinguished by their use of fine materials and refined contemporary forms.
Maserin AM1
Designed by the talented Attilio Morotti, this tactical knife has a very capable S35VN blade and a super strong titanium handle with an inlay of wood or carbon fiber.
Maserin AM3
The AM3 is an Italian made, elegant cutting tool suitable for everyday carry.
Maserin AM5
Combining modern construction with classical Italian flair, the AM5 Gentleman's flippers are sure to impress.
Maserin Apollo 2
With its full tang blade and POM handles, the Apollo 2 series of kitchen knives are a great addition to any home or professional kitchen.
Maserin Atti
This model is based off one of Attilio Morotti's famous custom knives. Small in stature it may be, the Atti has great tactical capabilities.
Maserin B.A.C. Battle Axe Concept (Combat Tomahawk)
Optimized for use in extreme conditions, these hawks are built for tactical use, with multiple cutting edges, a spiked poll, and a striking point on the end of the handle.
Maserin Boar
Maserin collaborated with the Facebook group "Wild Boars Our Passion" to create these specialized boar hunting knives.
Maserin Bulldog
Based one of Serio Consoli's custom knives, the Bulldog is a beautiful folder. The 3.875" long N690 stainless steel is forged into a strong tanto blade. Milled titanium handles provide a substantial grip.
Maserin Citizen
Lightweight, functional, and tough as nails, the Citizen multi-functional folding knife from Maserin pairs an awesome design with stout characteristics in an ergonomic package.
Maserin Classic
Maserin's Classic line of kitchen knives is a great addition to any home or professional kitchen. The blades are manufactured using a process called forging, where the steel is heated then hammered into shape.
Maserin Coglifunghi
These mushroom knives are perfect for cleaning/preparing any type of fungi and fold up for easy storage where ever you need them.
Maserin Coltello Maniago
A great addition to any home, the wood handles on these kitchen knives have excellent fit and finish and will add style and elegance to your dining table.
Maserin Croz
Fixed blade hunter with an N690 stainless steel blade and sculpted G10 handles.
Maserin Damp
This lightweight, ultra-functional knife pairs an awesome design with stout characteristics in a slim money clip style knife.
Maserin Favri
Very nice, compact EDC folders with a solid lockback mechanism designed by Attilio Morotti.
Maserin GTO
Designed by Italian knifemaker Attilio Morotti, the GTO is a medium folder with a N690 stainless steel blade and textured G10 handles.
Maserin LEO
A collaborative effort between Maserin, Tommaso Rumici and Scintilla Arrotino, the 919 LEO features a 4.44" full tang with Bohler N690 steel.
Maserin Machete
Machetes are an essential tool for clearing agriculture. They are made for rugged use in the harshest of conditions.
Maserin Mediterraneo
The molded, laser-cut blades on the Mediterraneo kitchen knives are heat treated to provide excellent edge holding capabilities and are a great addition to any home or professional kitchen.
Maserin Mignon
Miniture folding knives that are keychain or pendant ready with multiple knife designs and handle materials.
Maserin Myrmillo
A true combat knife, the Myrmillo bayonets feature beefy 0.19" thick Bohler N690 steel and grippy Forprene handles.
Maserin Nimrod
The Nimrod is an Italian made, high-quality folding knife designed by knife designer Tommaso Rumici.
Maserin Olive Wood
Elegant and lightweight kitchen knives with olive wood handles.
Maserin OneFold
The OneFold is a lightweight and multi-functional design with some great features including thumbstuds, a lanyard hole, and a tip up pocket clip.
Maserin Outlander
This beefy recurve blade leaves nothing to be desired. With great balance and a comfortable grip this knife is a force to be reckoned with.
Maserin Pitbull Flippers
This beautiful folder is an ideal folding knife, though only in appearance. At the heart of this hefty knife is a tactical tool with serious capabilities.
Maserin Pocket Tools
These handy Pocket Tools by Maserin are extremely lightweight, versatile multi-tools and small enough to carry anywhere. Most include a pry bar, nail puller, screwdriver and more!
Maserin Police Flippers
The classy, elegant design may leave you surprised to learn that this one is actually a tactical folding knife.
Maserin Pressed Poplar
Simplistic functionality is the name of the game with the Maserin Pressed Poplar Wood series.
Maserin Reactor
Created to commemorate a military operation in which only knives were used, the Reactor is one solid knife with a focus on functionality.
Maserin Rescue Folders
Maserin Rescue knives are simplistic in design but tough as nails. Whether it has multiple blades or not, it's a tool that you'll be happy to have.
Maserin Rupicapra
This fixed blade is made in collaboration with chamois hunting experts. The blade conveniently has a gut hook built in with solid G10 handles.
Maserin San Salvador
Traditional lockback folder with a unique lockback mechanism built into the bolster.
Maserin Sghembo
This unique two-hand folder is designed by Moris Baroni. The rotating handle opens up the knife revealing the liner lock blade. This is a truly excellent design by Moris.
Maserin Siberian
This is your typical Siberian knife, it features a big multi-functional clip point blade and a strong olive wood handle.
Maserin Sport
The Maserin Sport is a manual opening medium sized utility knife. Built with the intentions of an EDC, it features a durable G10 handle with a pocket clip.
Maserin Temperini
Small gentlemen's folders with one main blade and various handles materials to match your specific style.
Maserin Travel Cutlery Set
The Travel Cutlery Set by Maserin is designed for people who are on the go and want a nice quality flatware set for eating in the outdoors.
Maserin Tusk
The Tusk is an all-action combat knife. Designed by Nicolai Lilin, the upswept blade is great for stealth maneuvers while the G10 handle is up for any challenge.

In 1960 Maserin Fervido started  the production of knives after having experienced this kind of production for several years. His intention was to produce a high quality range of knives both in shape that in materials. Today, after almost 50 years  experience, the family keeps on producing high quality knives reaching high standard levels of the process of production . Year after year we effort to find new solutions, new materials in order to have  the best cutting tools you can find.