LionSteel SR-1 Folder
This one-piece handle design put LionSteel on the map. You can choose between the ultra durable Titanium model or the lightweight Aluminum model, and you will definitely love it!
LionSteel TRE Three Rapid Exchange Flippers
These well built flippers are a joy to handle. Equipped with a titanium frame lock system and an IKBS ball-bearing pivot system.
LionSteel KUR Flipper
The ergonomics are fantastic, the weight is perfect for an everyday carry blade, and this knife gives you supreme confidence in the hand for its size.
LionSteel SR-11 Flipper
The SR-11 is an evolution of the integral SR-1 model adding a flipper tab and ball bearing pivot for buttery smooth, lightning fast opening action.
LionSteel SR-2 Folder
The smaller brother to the awesome SR-1, this folder is just as well manufactured and a much easier blade to carry each and every day.
LionSteel SR-22 Flipper
The SR-22 is the smaller brother to the SR-11 which was the evolution of the historic SR-1 model and winner of the Most Innovative Imported Design at BLADE Show 2010.
LionSteel TiSpine Folder
One piece Titanium handle, Elmax (or Chad Nichols Damascus) blade, and a sweet design make the TiSpine a folder you will appreciate every time you pull it out to use it.
LionSteel Acorn Dice Keychain Pendants
The attractive set of dice come in an acorn sized keychain container made from 440 stainless steel and make a great gift for anybody in your life.
LionSteel B35 Bushcraft Series
The lightweight, compact nature of the B35 allows it to excel at camp chores, hunting tasks, mountain hikes, and everything in between.
LionSteel B40 Bushcraft Fixed Blade
The B40 is a fixed blade bushcraft knife conceived for a plethora of camp usages and yet easy to handle for its reduced weight and spot-on dimensions.
LionSteel B41 Bushcrafting Series
The B41 is a fixed blade bushcraft knife conceived for the most dissimilar camp usages and everything in between.
LionSteel bestMAN Traditional Folding Knives
LionSteel is going back to the classics with possibly the best quality production traditional folder ever created.
LionSteel Daghetta
The Daghetta is a dagger style folder with a spear point D2 tool steel blade, axis-lock style mechanism, and slim, straightforward handle with milling for added texture.
LionSteel Eskaper Kubaton
Manufactured from durable stainless steel, the Eskaper features a tungsten carbide tip to break glass and a handy bottle opener incorporated into the design.
LionSteel Gitano GT01 Traditional Folders
The Gitano is the elegant slipjoint knife to carry with you in every situation.
LionSteel LionBeat Keychain Knives
The LionBeat is a small accessory that is built along the same lines as the famed SR-1 folder - where the handle is a unique piece of natural material, to which the blade is attached.
LionSteel M1 Fixed Blade
The M1 is a small-sized knife, featuring a lanyard with a small titanium bead to aid in the extraction of the blade from the sheath.
LionSteel M2 MCKF Fixed Blade
Designed in collaboration with Italian Knife Forum MCKF, this is a perfect sized everyday carry fixed blade.
LionSteel M3 Fixed Blade
The M3 is a do it all fixed blade built as strong as any knife out there with a Niolox stainless steel blade measuring .20" thick!
LionSteel M4 Fixed Bushcrafters
The M4 is an all-around fixed blade knife that is designed for bushcrafting and wilderness survival with a comfortable handle and double stitched brown leather sheath.
LionSteel M5 Fixed Hunters
Dubbed the Hunter, the M5 is an all-around knife with plenty of belly and a devastating tip.
LionSteel M7 Fixed Blade
Combat and survival knife rolled into one, and manufactured with award winning LionSteel quality, what's not to like about the M7?
LionSteel Mini Folding Knife
There are a variety of knives in this series, all feature wood handle and top quality blade steel. This is an ideal gentleman's folder.
LionSteel Money Clip
The LionSteel money clips just exude sophistication and elegance. They're manufactured from Titanium or Damascus with a stainless steel clip and your choice of material inlays. Comes in a beautiful wooden presentation case.
LionSteel Myto Flipper Knives
The Myto is the next hi-tech EDC folding knife from LionSteel that perfectly fits your pocket and can be used for all everyday activities.
LionSteel Nyala Pen
The first pen from LionSteel, the Nyala, is a gorgeous writing implement made from titanium available in a variety of finishes with carbon fiber or super dense twist Damasteel inserts.
LionSteel Opera and Big Opera Folders
Available in two sizes, the Opera is a stylish lockback design without any added bells or whistles. It's a straight folding knife with a strong mechanism and easy opening blade.
LionSteel ROK Flipper
Outfitted with the H.WAYL Pocket Clip System and NFC Technology, this integral design with the removable TRE flipper tab is the true definition of versatile.
LionSteel Steak Knives
Impress your guests with top of the line steak knives from LionSteel, sure to make any occasion special. Made with beautiful Olive wood handles.
LionSteel T5 Solid Fixed Blade
With a handle made from a single piece of Micarta, the T5 pays homage to the solid handle folders that made LionSteel a name recognized all around the world.
LionSteel Thrill Integral Slipjoint
The Thrill is the first integral handle slipjoint knife that we know of and it might just be the perfect EDC knife.
LionSteel TiP Lanyard Beads
The TiP titanium bead is an elegant, ingenious way to tie a lanyard from the mind of Gianni Pauletta himself.
LionSteel TM1 Folder
Another integral folder from LionSteel, the TM1 is manufactured from either Carbon Fiber or Micarta for a lighter weight design with all the same features of the awesome SR-1.