White River ATK Always There Knife
Designed by Owen Baker Jr, the ATK is so light that you'll forget you have it until you need it.
White River Backpacker
A design much like the wildly popular ESEE Izula but it comes with a pre-wrapped paracord handle and is made from awesome S30V steel.
White River Camp Cleaver
Built for both cutting and chopping, the Camp Cleaver is an extremely versatile camp and hunting tool that is also an excellent skinning blade.
White River Caper
Exactly the same heart of the knife as the Backpacker model but comes from factory with smooth G10 handles for a very comfortable grip.
White River Fillet Knives
Break down even the largest fish with these amazing fillet knives. Best of all is the sheath with a button that clasps right to the butt end of the knife to keep you from losing it.
White River Firecraft Knives
Designed by Jason Tietz, the Firecraft series is made for heavy use in real survival situations; these also make excellent camp, hunting, backpacking or utility knives.
White River Hunter
The Hunter is great for processing animals of any size as well as tasks encountered on the hunt. It is also ideal for woodwork and general camp tasks with a supremely ergonomic handle leading to an extremely viable bushcrafting knife.
White River Justin Gingrich GTI Knives
This is a collaborative effort between White River and Justin Gingrich of GTI, producing a variety of hard use fixed blades for any situation.
White River Knucklehead
The Knucklehead is like a skeleton knife on steroids - it's strong as an ox and designed to perform like knives twice it's size.
White River Sendero
Designed by Master Bladesmith Jerry Fisk, this hunting knife is a compact powerhouse that really gets almost everything right in a design.
White River Small Game Knife
This design allows for great maneuverability and gives the user a very versatile blade in a very compact package. It is ideal for small game, of course, but some hunters will find it ideal on the larger game as well.
White River Tom Mack Knives
Tom Mack is a champion sporting clay shooter, safari hunter, and knife enthusiast. His White River Knives are designed specifically for field use on small and large game.
White River Ursus 45
The Ursus 45 is the go-to knife in the wild for food prep, processing firewood, carving tools, and building shelter. It also features many aspects that make it shine as a tactical or bushcraft knife and is perfect out on the hunt.

We have carried White River Knives at the Knifecenter since 2012 and have been impressed with their products from the start. This company has access to very advanced machinery and experience in manufacturing precision tools that few companies, even large knife manufacturers, can match. They have come up with products that are really second to none we have seen in terms of quality of fit and finish and materials. White River Knives has models that seem faintly similar to other knives from around the world because they take the best qualities of modern tactical knives, Finnish Puuko knives, various Fillet knives and put their own unique stamp of American design on it. Then they produce them out of the most modern and top quality materials. These are not bargain basement items, but quality items rarely are and White River Knives are all a good value. If you own a White River product, you have one of the finest knives produced anywhere and you should be able to own it, use it and pass it on to future generations just as you would other great knives of the world.

From the White River Knife Company:
White River Knife and Tool proudly manufactures our products in the United States. We custom build White River Knives, manufacture Reid Tools, private label tools for other well known brands, and grind blades for other high end knife makers. Most of our distribution is within the US, though an increasing amount is exported.

Our facilities and equipment are well suited for tool manufacturing and blade grinding. Few US companies have our type of sophisticated flat bevel grinding equipment - those that do, generally do not service other knife or tool makers… White River does.

Our ownership and management have extensive experience in the manufacture of auto tools, knives, precision military products, firearm accessories and more. Try our products today - your satisfaction is guaranteed.

John Cammenga Sr.,