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Founded in 2012 QTRMSTR has a combined experience of over 25 years in aerospace and industrial design. At its inception, the goal of the QTRMSTR was to design and develop a line of rugged, handcrafted, American made knives in limited quantity but of ultimate quality. They've viewed the knife market as it currently sits and declared that there was certainly room for a boutique producer of fine, tactical based knives.

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ALF-4 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Made from CPM-154 stainless steel, the ALF-4 is constructed from one piece of steel. This is one great tactical knife.
ALF-5 Walter White and Heisenberg
The ALF-5 is the first fixed blade karambit in the QTRMSTR lineup. This karambit has a full size finger ring and a perfectly angled Wharncliffe style blade.
ALF-6 Yoda
Yoda, the first folder in the ALF series is a minimalist knife with a single handle scale, chisel ground blade, and sturdy integral frame lock mechanism.
QSE-10 Biff Tannen
The Biff Tannen is a compact wharncliffe flipper with some serious capabilities.
QSE-11 Belvedere
QTRMSTR has teamed up with custom fabricator Austin Weiss to create the "Mr. Belvedere" flipper.
QSE-13 Qwaiken XL
The QSE-13 Qwaiken XL is a grander take on QTRMSTR's near-ancient Japanese Kwaiken design once carried by men and women of the samurai class.
QSE-14 Murtaugh
The QSE-14 "Murtaugh" utilizes all of QTRMSTR's knowledge of karambits to bring a unique and well-rounded knife.
QSE-15 Arthur Fonzarelli
The QSE-15 Arthur Fonzarelli, aka The Fonz, exemplifies the "less is more" philosophy which many modern designers in the evolving knife industry are chasing.
QSE-4 Mr. Furley
The QSE-4 Mr. Furley is a collaboration between the NRA and QTRMSTR.
QSE-5 and 6 Mr. Roper
Modeled after the original Mr. Roper circa late 2013, QTRMSTR set out to improve the Mr. Roper in every way possible.
QSE-9 Mr. Strickland
The QSE-9 Mr. Strickland is reminiscent of the Airborne custom knife by Gustavo Cecchini, and by his good grace, Quartermaster was able to use the shape in this original rendition.
QTR-11/12 General Lee 2
The QTR-11/12 are a collaborative effort with the Hawk Knives design team from Idaho City, ID. The full-titanium rocker chassis is unlike anything that's ever been made in the history of tactical knives.
QTR-2F B.A. Baracas
Improving upon the original QTR-2 design was the main goal with the “f series”.
QTR-5z Theodore TC Calvin
The QTR-5z is a re-imagined and final version of QTRMASTR's smaller, more pocket-friendly karambit design.
QTRKT-1 Kogi Thrower
A 3-piece set of throwers, with a solid balance and an unsharpened edge.