ALF-4 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Made from CPM-154 stainless steel, the ALF-4 is constructed from one piece of steel. This is one great tactical knife.
ALF-5 Walter White and Heisenberg
The ALF-5 is the first fixed blade karambit in the QTRMSTR lineup. This karambit has a full size finger ring and a perfectly angled Wharncliffe style blade.
ALF-6 Yoda
Yoda, the first folder in the ALF series is a minimalist knife with a single handle scale, chisel ground blade, and sturdy integral frame lock mechanism.
QSE-10 Biff Tannen
The Biff Tannen is a compact wharncliffe flipper with some serious capabilities.
QSE-11 Belvedere
QTRMSTR has teamed up with custom fabricator Austin Weiss to create the "Mr. Belvedere" flipper.
QSE-13 Qwaiken XL
The QSE-13 Qwaiken XL is a grander take on QTRMSTR's near-ancient Japanese Kwaiken design once carried by men and women of the samurai class.
QSE-14 Murtaugh
The QSE-14 "Murtaugh" utilizes all of QTRMSTR's knowledge of karambits to bring a unique and well-rounded knife.
QSE-15 Arthur Fonzarelli
The QSE-15 Arthur Fonzarelli, aka The Fonz, exemplifies the "less is more" philosophy which many modern designers in the evolving knife industry are chasing.
QSE-4 Mr. Furley
The QSE-4 Mr. Furley is a collaboration between the NRA and QTRMSTR.
QSE-5 and 6 Mr. Roper
Modeled after the original Mr. Roper circa late 2013, QTRMSTR set out to improve the Mr. Roper in every way possible.
QSE-9 Mr. Strickland
The QSE-9 Mr. Strickland is reminiscent of the Airborne custom knife by Gustavo Cecchini, and by his good grace, Quartermaster was able to use the shape in this original rendition.
QTR-11/12 General Lee 2
The QTR-11/12 are a collaborative effort with the Hawk Knives design team from Idaho City, ID. The full-titanium rocker chassis is unlike anything that's ever been made in the history of tactical knives.
QTR-2F B.A. Baracas
Improving upon the original QTR-2 design was the main goal with the “f series”.
QTR-5z Theodore TC Calvin
The QTR-5z is a re-imagined and final version of QTRMASTR's smaller, more pocket-friendly karambit design.
QTRKT-1 Kogi Thrower
A 3-piece set of throwers, with a solid balance and an unsharpened edge.