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The patented Viscerator® completely field dresses ALL big game animals faster, easier, and safer than any other product, OR COMBINATION OF PRODUCTS on the market. But why was the Viscerator invented in the first place?

Several years ago the need for a superior field dressing knife became very apparent to me. An avid hunter and outdoorsman in the Northern Woods of Minnesota had harvested a whitetail deer. He was challenged with the field dressing process like most of us–occasionally nicking the intestine or bladder (what a mess!). He also learned that cutting through the pelvic bone not only speeds up the field dressing process, but also makes it much easier to do (if you can get through it without damaging your knife or yourself in the process!). As he hammered the handle of his camp knife with his hand, he slipped and plunged it through his blaze orange and deep into his leg, severing his femoral artery. That evening I heard about the incident on the news, sat down at the kitchen table and designed a TRUE field dressing knife… safer, easier to use, and decreases the amount of time spent field dressing ANY big game animal by up to 80%.