Founded in 2011 by two former Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal divers, Bullets2Bandages seeks to merge fashion, utility, and social consciousness by offering products that honor those who have served our country. By hiring veterans, manufacturing locally, and donating 15% of its profits to veteran charities, Bullets2Bandages gives back to the people and organizations who deserve our thanks and support.

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As Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal officers, Erik Spalding and Cole Evans were once responsible for defusing and disposing the explosive devices that have become all-too-common in Iraq and Afghanistan. Upon exiting the military in 2010 they felt they had a responsibility to create a way for people to say “Thank You” to their fellow soldiers and the veterans that have fought for our freedom and safety. As founders of Bullets2Bandages, they created a way to take an instrument of war and transform them into a symbol of pride, gratitude, and healing.

Bullets2Bandages is a mission-driven, socially conscious apparel and accessories and unique company designed to give thanks to veterans, those fighting for our country, and the families who provide them with love and support at home.

The Products – Our line of Accessories and The Unique are all made in America from once-fired bullets. We chose the bullet because it grabs a person’s attention and ignites an important conversation about “saying thank you to veterans.” Our Accessories, Clothing, and Unique Gifts provide Americans with a distinctive way to honor to the men, women and families who have dedicate their lives to our safety and freedom.

Our Mission – To provide simple ways for every American to give back and show their pride and gratitude for veterans. We also strive to raise awareness of the many challenges veterans face and raise money for organizations giving veterans the support they need to overcome those challenges.

Our Company Goals – Bullets2Bandages strives to be the leader in socially responsible companies. While the goal of every business is to be profitable, there is still a place for businesses of all types to give something back, not only to our local community, but also to our country. We aim to build a brand that symbolizes GIVING THANKS to veterans.

Our Goals

1. Get every American to post a Thank You message for our veterans.

2. Build partnerships with local and national businesses to raise money for veteran’s charities.

3. Share important information about the veteran community.

4. Be a leader in socially responsible companies.

5. Prove that successful entrepreneurs will flourish by doing GOOD.