Kizer Cutlery Bladesmith Knives
The Bladesmith Series is Kizer's collaboration/partnerships with the custom knife world. They license designs from custom knifemakers and forge a partnership utilizing the best from both sides.
Kizer Cutlery Prime Knives
The Prime series grew out of the Kizer team's love of knives. These designs share the same material and production method as the Bladesmith series but use more internally inspired designs.
Kizer Cutlery Vanguard Knives
The Vanguard Series brings excellent value to high-quality designs. Kizer took some of the most popular models from the Bladesmith and Prime Series, and while keeping the quality at the same high level, re-forged them using materials that bring extra value for the money spent.
Kizer Cutlery Chris Conaway Knives
For Chris Conaway of Sheepdog Knives, building knives is not just a job or a hobby, it's a passion. Blood, sweat and pain put into steel. He just loves making knives!
Kizer Cutlery Dirk Pinkerton Knives
Honed by 18 years in the Security Industry, Dirk is famed for his effective, no non-sense, and explicitly purpose-driven models. This dynamic approach to knife designs fuels the growing demand for Dirk’s creations.
Kizer Cutlery Elijah Isham Knives
Elijah Isham designed knives are different from anything else in the world. Thy combine impressive looks with geometric inspiration and stellar ergonomics perfectly and are always the epitome of cool.
Kizer Cutlery John Gray Knives
“Overbuilt, Practical, and Tactical” describes John Gray’s knife design philosophy. A lifelong avid outdoorsman and knife enthusiast, John’s designs are perfectly suited for those occasions when sharp business suits conceal sculpted muscle bulk.
Kizer Cutlery Justin Gingrich Knives
Founder of Ranger Knives and Gingrich Tactical Innovations (GTI), Justin has leveraged his experience in the Ranger Battalion and the Special Forces Group to enhance his creation of market leading designs.
Kizer Cutlery Kim Ning Knives
With over 20 years in the knife industry under his belt, Kim Ning is a veritable veteran when it comes to bringing his designs to life. Whether creating intricate folders or rugged fixed blades, Kim’s devotion to attention shows thoroughly in each minute detail of his design.
Kizer Cutlery Matt Cucchiara Knives
An avid knife collector, Matt began venturing into knife-making over a decade ago. A knifesmith of the tactical persuasion, Matt’s creations are beefy multi-purpose knives standing ready for the worst scenarios.
Kizer Cutlery Matt Degnan Knives
A self-admitted metal smith, Matt Degnan has been designing and making highly acclaimed blades to realize his true passion as a custom knifemaker. His designs combine straight-forward function with absolutely beautiful aesthetics.
Kizer Cutlery Mike Vagnino Knives
For over 20 years, ABS Master Bladesmith Mike Vagnino has been designing and making acclaimed edged tools. Always searching for and creating something unique, Mike’s goal is to instill excitement and enthusiasm about his art and passion.
Kizer Cutlery Mikkel Willumsen Knives
Mikkel Willumsen has been a custom knifemaker for the past 10 years under the name UrbanTactical. He is well trained and a former teacher in metal and woodwork, and decided after graduation that knifemaking was his calling.
Kizer Cutlery Nick Swan Knives
As a retired law enforcement officer, Nick Swan needed a knife that he could trust his life on, not only as a last line of defense but as an everyday tool. He doesn't believe in safe queens and refuses to own a knife that he won't actually use.
Kizer Cutlery Ray Laconico Knives
A lifelong artist, Ray was well versed with the finesse of design before he turned his passion full time to knife making. Known for his modern and clean looks, Ray takes pride in the precision of the fit and finish he put onto his knives.
Kizer Cutlery Rolf Helbig Knives
Rolf Helbig is not a knifemaker or designer, but an enthusiast and longtime KnifeCenter customer. He had a goal to bring something from his mind to market and the result is something we think he should be extremely proud of.
Kizer Cutlery Scot Matsuoka Knives
Originally trained under Ken Onion, Scot has developed a style that is uniquely his own, combining the natural beauty of his surroundings with the ancient art of man’s first tool.
Kizer Cutlery TK Knives
David Michalik and Robert Chromcak began their custom knife production to make folding knives serving the same duty as fixed bladed knives, but in a compact package. Their experiences as developers of high-tech machining tools and artists helped TK knives excel in both function and style.
Kizer Cutlery TomCat Knives
Tomcat Knives’ designers have been producing innovative knives and tools in the knife industry for over fifteen years. They have a passion for combining cutting edge knife designs with high-quality custom manufacturing.
Kizer Cutlery Ulrich Hennicke Knives
A born craftsman, Ulrich Hennicke found the smith and forge a true calling. Founder of the Hohenmoorer Messermanufaktur and equally at home in the kitchen or in the wild woods, Uli is always thinking of the art of the edge while seeking the next inspiration.
Kizer Cutlery Aileon Folding Knives
The Aileon is a no-frills knife featuring titanium handles and an S35VN stainless steel blade. Solidly built using high-quality materials, this knife will not disappoint.
Kizer Cutlery Assassin
The Assassin by Carlos Elstner has an awesome look, great ergonomics, and flipping action you're definitely going to enjoy.
Kizer Cutlery Azo Peccary
Small and tough, this keychain multi-tool will be there when you need it the most and comes equipped with either Metric or Standard measurements.
Kizer Cutlery Begleiter
Slender yet tactical and highly capable, the Begleiter brings a lot more to the table than its mere price point would suggest.
Kizer Cutlery c01c Series
Designed by Chris Conaway at Sheepdog Knives, the c01c is his signature folder with a wide cleaver blade and svelte ergonomic handle.
Kizer Cutlery Clutch
The Clutch by Carlos Elstner is an excellent EDC blade that will come in clutch when you need it.
Kizer Cutlery Contrail
Kizer Contrail from Justin Lundquist is a compact utility folder that's simple and solid. Its name comes from the streaks across the sky left by airplanes that adorn the handle scales improving the grip and aesthetics.
Kizer Cutlery Critical
A collaborative project between Kizer and custom knifemaker Matthew Christensen, the Critical is a great sized folder for everyday carry and is built with a quality anyone can appreciate.
Kizer Cutlery Domin Folding Knives
The great ergonomics and slender design make the Domin a great value for its price point.
Kizer Cutlery Dukes
With the "chipped flint" Anso-style milled titanium handle, the Dukes will stand out from the crowd. Smooth action with ceramic bearings and steel lock bar insert further add to the premium folder that will be the ace up your sleeve.
Kizer Cutlery Fire Ant
The Dirk Pinkerton Fire Ant is a compact everyday carry tool with an intimidating look and rock-solid build construction.
Kizer Cutlery Flashbang
Straight forward with no drawbacks, the Flashbang hits like a ton of bricks. The powerful blade kicks into the fray with the flipper tab, the Flashbang will be burnt into the memory of those who see it in action.
Kizer Cutlery Flip Shank
The Flip Shank from Alex Shunnarah of ARS Knives is now available as a flipper and it's better than ever.
Kizer Cutlery Gemini
The Gemini is derived from the awesome custom Jasmine model by Ray Laconico, but with subtle changes that make the Gemini come into its own. It's an ideal sized EDC folder with a slim profile and wide drop point blade.
Kizer Cutlery Ginesis
Designed by Gage, the Ginesis features a CPM-S35VN blade and titanium handle scales with textured carbon fiber inlay.
Kizer Cutlery GPB1
The GPB1 (Gray’s Pocket Brute 1), true to its name, is a muscle knife executed with supreme finesse. The generous blade with the cutting edge positioned below the grips is the perfect companion for all of your cutting tasks.
Kizer Cutlery Harpoon
The Harpoon is a collaboration between Kizer and James Buckley of Maverick Customs. This compact fixed blade knife is perfect for everyday carry (EDC) or general outdoor utility knife.
Kizer Cutlery Hunter
Drawing inspiration from classic hunting blades, the Hunter series are the perfect companions for all of life’s tough situations that demand a stout edge. Tested in numerous Virginia hunts, the dynamic duo will be indispensable in the quest for wild trophy or inner peace.
Kizer Cutlery Intrepid
Be fearless with the Intrepid in your hand. A high caliber folder with a clip point providing great utility for all tasks. An ergonomic handle combined with an outstanding blade-to-handle ratio to give the user awesome control and cutting power.
Kizer Cutlery Inversion Folding Knife
The Inversion, like the Spyderco's P'Kal, is a CQC fighting knife to be used in the reverse grip for maximum devastation.
Kizer Cutlery Justice
The Justice is great size for any task, is made of proven materials that will outlast a deployment, and is outfitted with useful features that any tactical knife would be remiss without.
Kizer Cutlery Kala
A tactical homage to the Loveless style. The Kala was born to be a lightweight skinner style flipper, comfortable in all hand sizes. It features lightning fast opening action and solid lockup from the beefy frame lock.
Kizer Cutlery Kesmec
The avid fisherman among the Kizer Cutlery designers saw the Coelancanth and became inspired by the living fossil. The Kesmec is resulting tribute to the world of the deep with a hollow ground blade and ergonomic titanium handle.
Kizer Cutlery Kobold
We love nearly everything about the Kobold knife from its drop point blade with reinforced tip to the flush carbon fiber inlay, and excellent ergonomic grip.
Kizer Cutlery Koens Salient Fixed Blade Knives
From military/LE to bushcraft applications, whether in summer heat or frigid cold, the Salient E613 was designed for all contingencies. The contoured handles are conducive to a non-slip grip and have plenty of room for gloved hands, and when combined with corrosion resistant coated 1095 blade.
Kizer Cutlery Kyre
Based on the TK Knives Kyre series, created over two years of rigorous tests, this is a remarkable package of style and power. This compact knife features elegant, stylish techno-age looks and is capable of striking performance.
Kizer Cutlery Lieb
The compact Lieb flipper from Azo grips and cuts like a full-size tool while also doubling as a money clip.
Kizer Cutlery Maestro
The Maestro flipper features milled titanium handles with geometric shape to give it a sleek, modern look.
Kizer Cutlery Matanzas
An excellent platform to utilize a full-scale inlay, the ultra-thin profile of the Matanzas disappears in the pocket, but instantly deploys when you need it.
Kizer Cutlery Megatherium
Striking a balance between aesthetics and utility but always pushing the envelope, the Megatherium is like a folding santoku knife for the outdoor chef.
Kizer Cutlery Microlith
Three fingers are all you need to really make the Microlith shine. This compact Nick Swan design is perfect for EDC and it absolutely disappears in the pocket.
Kizer Cutlery Odin
Ukranian knife designer/former engineer Ivan Braginets has a winner with the Odin, a slended EDC knife with a surprising amount of reach.
Kizer Cutlery Pelican Mini
This Kmaxrom design is one of the coolest we've seen in years hitting just about every mark right out of the park.
Kizer Cutlery Pinch
Designed by Rolf Helbig, the Pinch features a Detent Action non-locking mechanism designed for two-hand opening and dollar for dollar, is one of the most unique EDC knives available.
Kizer Cutlery Quell
The Quell from Kevin Kelemen and Kizer Cutlery is everything you look for in an everyday carry blade and nothing you don't.
Kizer Cutlery Raja
Designed by Sebastian Irawan, the Raja is a long yet slender knife that is great for utility tasks. If you prefer a large EDC knife, get the Raja.
Kizer Cutlery Rattler
A warning in the bushes of the American Southwest, the Rattlesnake will always warn first then prepare its deadly attack. Like its namesake, this knife will serve to keep the everyday dangers far from you, and when necessary, bare its fangs and strike true!
Kizer Cutlery River Cat
A splendidly crafted gentleman’s tactical folder with flowing waves machined into the Titanium handle, this clip point knife is pure style combined with practical simplicity and strength. Get the impressive River Cat and you’ll fall in love with its daily company.
Kizer Cutlery Roach
No matter where you conceal the compact Roach, it will find opportunities to present itself during moments when you need it the most. Adorned with hand hugging curves, this Roach will be the one you cannot bear to put down.
Kizer Cutlery Shamshir
The Shamshir is a mid-size folder desized by Azo and features a 3.25" CPM-S35VN blade and titanium handles.
Kizer Cutlery Shard
The Dirk Pinkerton Shard is an ultra-compact, ultra-fantastic utility knife with addicting action.
Kizer Cutlery Sliver
Slim and easy to fit into the busiest schedule, the Sliver is the aide that's adept at finding the ideal place to stay hidden, appearing at the most opportune times to make the day end on a high note.
Kizer Cutlery SLT
Aptly named, the SLT (Slim Line Tactical) designed by John Gray fits into the hand with each sweep of the handle’s ergonomic curve, crafted in titanium. Whether in a board meeting or out in an arena, the SLT will be your guardian with style.
Kizer Cutlery Splinter
A slender, stylish, and unique gentleman’s folder, the Splinter blends in so well that it is easy to forget it’s in your pocket. The handle texture makes operation easy and gives it a style that is unique and charming. This is one splinter that you will actually be longing to get.
Kizer Cutlery Theta
Designed by Elijah Isham, the Theta is a utilitarian folder crafted with clean straight lines with a clear geometric motif, in true Isham style.
Kizer Cutlery Toro
"Mess with the bull and you'll get the horns," as the saying goes. The Toro embodies the essence of that warning in its full glory.
Kizer Cutlery Trifecta
This is no gamble. The Trifecta by Matt Cucchiara is a winner on all fronts, delivering a stylish package full of action and build quality you cannot help but love.
Kizer Cutlery Uprising
The Uprising is a tactical everyday carry piece with an ergonomic titanium handle, smooth flipping action, and excellent reach.
Kizer Cutlery Ursa Minor
Modeled after the Intrepid but sized like the Gemini, the Ursa Minor is a tactical EDC with a smooth, comfortable titanium handle.
Kizer Cutlery V3 Vigor
The Vigors are redesigned versions of older Kizer knives that truly embody physical strength and good health without sacrificing anything.
Kizer Cutlery Vindicator
Whether you're looking for a tactical tool, hunting knife or utility EDC blade, the Vindicator is all of those things and a darn good version of each one at that.
Kizer Cutlery WPK
The WPK or Watch Pocket Knife from Jared Price is a non-locking friction folder perfectly sized for your fifth pocket.
Kizer Cutlery Yorkie Flipper
Another EDC masterpiece from Ray Laconico, the Yorkie is just the right size to stay out of the way until needed.
Kizer Cutlery Yukon
Budget-friendly everyday carry (EDC) folding knife featuring a Bohler N690 stainless steel blade.
Kizer Cutlery Zipslip Folder
The Zipslip is an update to the traditional slipjoint, the Everflush backbar makes it easy for the user to manipulate and open the blade with a single hand.