Flexcut Carvin' Jack Knives
The "Carvin' Jack Collection" are extreme performers. The easy carry design gives you the ability to carve anywhere - on the porch or along the trail - wherever you go.
Flexcut Hawthorne Drifter
The Flexcut Drifter is a classic clip point hunting knife with loads to offer.
Flexcut Hawthorne Explorer
The Explorer is a sleek yet robust field knife designed to handle it all.
Flexcut Hawthorne Nomad
The Flexcut Nomad is a beefy flat-ground chopper ready to tackle anything you throw at it.
Flexcut Hawthorne Seeker
The Hawthorne Seeker from Flexcut is a knife in a league of its own.
Flexcut Powerstrop Sharpeners
This handy tool fits into any standard power drill. Simply apply the buffing compound to the leather wheel and let the drill do the work of bringing your edge up to a polished surface.