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Olamic Cutlery
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Olamic Cutlery

Olamic is a family-run business started in 2010 in California. They began with Damascus fixed blades and in 2013 expanded into tactical folders. Olamic Tactical brand knives are made at their Visalia, CA shop in partnership with Michael Vagnino (ABS). Most pieces are one offs and feature a selection of handmade elements. They use a variety of high-end natural and synthetic materials along with premium steels and their flipping action is second to none.

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Olamic Cutlery Custom Folders
Olamic's motto is "never the same" and each one of these handmade pieces is unique, made right here in the USA.
Olamic Cutlery Handmade Fixed Blades
Custom Damascus fixed blades from Russia are the origins of Olamic Cutlery's extensive lineup.
Olamic Cutlery Mid-Tech Busker Folding Knives
Designed with fidgeters in mind, the Busker is a compact EDC blade with a litany of opening options to keep things fresh each and every day.
Olamic Cutlery Mid-Tech Rainmaker Flippers
The Rainmaker by Olamic Cutlery is a a very well balanced, fast and strong tactical folder with beautiful lines and an extremely comfortable feel.
Olamic Cutlery Mid-Tech Soloist
The Soloist is Olamic's first knife to use a sliding thumb stud so you can customize your deployment even further.
Olamic Cutlery Mid-Tech Swish Folders
Olamic's second mid-tech knife, the Swish, is both tactical and practical which makes it great for absolutely anything and everything.
Olamic Cutlery Mid-Tech Wayfarer 247 Folders
Olamic's first mid-tech knife, the Wayfarer 247, is so sweet you should have it with you 24-7.