GD Skulls Bead Series
When the knife industry started to boom, so did the accessories for those knives. Beads offer a way to customize your new knife without breaking the bank, and GD Skulls has some of the most detailed beads out there.
GD Skulls Monster of the World Series
Each bead is skillfully crafted and intricately detailed with facial features, expressions, hair, clothing, and more! Your favorite monster movie characters brought to you by GD Skulls.
GD Skulls Weapon Series
These bronze beads are modeled after historical weapons mainly from the 15th century. Customize your beloved knife today with GD Skulls Weapon series.

A little about myself: Genadijs Dmitrijevs

I will try to tell you a little about myself. I am 47 years old, Russian, live and work in Latvia, not far from Riga (8 kilometers).

I started manufacturing jewelry quite accident-ally. Quite by chance, 18 years ago, I visited the jewelry workshop of an acquaintance of mine at the request of my friends who were looking for someone who might be able to manufacture a certain type of jewelry set. I spent a lot of time at the workshop and watched the manufacturing process.

I think my acquaintance got tired of my simply watching him at work and he encouraged me to try my hand at making something. I tried and I found that it wasn’t that complicated for me. And that’s why, after that first attempt, I have continued trying and learning for the last 18 years.

For the first five years I only used manual efforts and without applying foundry techniques. Later, I became interested in foundry production methods. I purchased the necessary equipment and started the second stage of my work. All of the work, beginning with the manufacturing of forms and up to the final product, I perform myself. To be clear, in general I was involved in more simple shapes and form. For complicated shapes, I rely on the services of a friend of mine who is a miniaturist sculptor. This enables me to complete those products faster and cost effectively.

I developed a variety of skull [shapes] but I still wanted to distinguish my work from similar products. That’s how I got the idea to manufacture little balls made from two types of metal because they have a distinctive contrast and to me seem to be more interesting. In general, I find it more satisfying to manufacture more complicated, intricate pieces that require more time to produce. Since Chinese manufacturers are not interested in producing such complicated work, I have an opportunity to create my own niche in the market.

This is it, in brief.



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