Marfione Custom Knives Socom
The Socom is available in many configurations and is one of the most popular tactical knives Tony's ever created.
Marfione Custom Knives Hawk
The Hawk is available in many configurations, Originally Released in 1996.
Marfione Custom Knives Ultratech
The Ultratech has proven to be one if not the most popular OTF autos Tony's ever made.
Marfione Custom Knives Dirac
The Dirac was the first Marfione double action knife with a cover firing slider and functionality and reliability like never before.
Marfione Custom Knives UTX
Another shrunken version of the Ultratech, the UTX series is svelte and light enough to be at your side every hour of every day.
Marfione Custom Knives Troodon
The Troodon is one of the staples in the Marfione OTF automatic line and is as tactical and well built as it is beautiful.
Marfione Custom Knives Sigil
A collaboration between Deryk DC Munroe and Tony Marfione, the Sigil is a compact, lightweight flipper with style and a very cool spring-loaded pocket clip.
Marfione Custom Knives Spin Top
Kill time anywhere you have a flat surface with a hand-built custom spinning top from one of the best tactical knifemakers in the industry.