Smith & Wesson Folding Knives
Smith & Wesson brand offers on of the largest selections of folding knives in the industry.
Smith & Wesson Security Batons
Good quality at a really great price makes these security batons the choice of law enforcement professionals.
Smith & Wesson Fixed Blade Knives
Smith & Wesson offers an amazing variety of fixed blade knives.
Smith & Wesson Assisted Openers
Using the MAGIC assisted system, these Smith & Wesson folders are available in a variety of designs at a budget-friendly price.
Smith & Wesson Rescue Folding Knives
A good variety of well made and economical knives.
Smith & Wesson Boot Knives
Smith & Wesson produces some of the most economical and innovative boot knives we sell.
Smith & Wesson Karambits
Popular designs and a great value.
Smith & Wesson Neck Knives
For many, the preferred way to carry a backup knife. Lots of choices.
Smith & Wesson Tactical Writing Pens
Good quality and style with lots of options.
Smith & Wesson Handcuffs
Smith & Wesson Handcuffs are fabricated from the finest quality carbon steel.
Smith & Wesson Throwing Knives
Well made and reasonably priced.
Smith & Wesson 24/7 Every Day Carry
Easy to carry lightweight folders at great prices.
Smith & Wesson Black Ops
Awesome combat assisted openers at a great price.
Smith & Wesson Bush Hog Outback
Features a 11.5" 440C stainless steel black blade and Kraton handle.
Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops
A great series of folders and fixed blades.
Smith & Wesson Homeland Security
Super stout fixed blade knives with thick, 440C stainless blades.
Smith & Wesson HRT Hostage Rescue Team
Hostage Rescue Team Series features several different types of quality products.
Smith & Wesson M&P
Fast action on great designs. These include an amazing assortment of knives.
Smith & Wesson Oasis
Easy to carry full size folders.
Smith & Wesson Performance Center Series
This select line of knives have limited edition knives made from high-quality materials.
Smith & Wesson Special Ops
Three sizes with great design and function.
Smith & Wesson Special Tactical
Rubble handle tactical flippers that won't break the bank.
Smith & Wesson SWAT
Easy opening, MAGIC assisted one hand operation on a solidly built knife. The stainless steel liners lock the blade open solidly and release easily.
Smith & Wesson Velocite
The Velocite is one of Smith & Wesson's lightest EDC pocket knives.


This product is warranted to the original consumer purchaser, for as long as he or she owns this product. Coverage ends if you transfer or sell the product to someone else or if the product is modified in any way. The warranty covers defects in materials, manufacture or assembly. If one of our products ever breaks or fails due to material or manufacturing defect we will repair or replace the product.

The warranty does not cover normal wear, damage caused by abuse, misuse, improper handling, loss, accident, alterations, neglect, disassembly or improper sharpening. Cosmetic damage which occurs over time and use, such as scratches on a products finish or coatings on a product rubbing or wearing off are normal and are not covered by the warranty. Our products rarely fail because of a defect and in most cases the failure or breakage is due to ?tool abuse?. ?Tool abuse?, is when the product is used for unsuitable non intended purposes. Examples would be using a knife for any other purpose than cutting (pounding, prying, using as a screwdriver, throwing the knife etc). Multi-purpose tools are not intended to replace full-sized tools and are for use only on light or moderately heavy-duty applications. Collapsible batons are not pry bars etc. Always use the proper tools for the proper intended purposes.

Locking systems such as liner locks, safeties, frame locks and lock back mechanisms are added features designed to help keep the blade in the open position when fully extended. These systems are not designed to take pressure or blows to the backside (dull) side of the blade and failure of these systems can happen when not used properly. When a cutting tool/knife is used properly the cutting pressure exerted on the knife blade will always be against the cutting edge of the blade pushing and keeping the knife blade open, when used properly it is impossible for the knife to close when cutting.

Misuse of your product can cause serious injury or even death. Misuse often will result in your product failing and breaking in which cases the Taylor Brands warranty will not apply. Failure to properly maintain your product may cause it?s mechanisms to not function properly and could also result in injury to you and/or damage to your product.


There is a 90-day limited warranty on any LED flashlight produced by Taylor Brands LLC. Proof of purchase may be required.

Always make sure the flashlight is turned off when not in use. Accidentally leaving the flashlight on may result in reduced battery life as well as power conductivity. Leaving the flashlight on for extended periods of time may also cause the light to overheat and could possibly result in injury.

Warning/Caution: Cree LED bulbs project very strong/powerful beams of light. Never shine directly, gaze or stare into the flashlight beam to ensure maximum eye protection. Batteries should never be exposed to extreme conditions including fire.

Under normal conditions thermal energy will be generated from the use of the flashlight. Never place or use the flashlight around flammable objects/gases/liquids/etc. Beams and seals on the flashlight should remain unblocked. For the longest possible battery life please remove and store batteries from the flashlight when not in use.

Warning/Caution: In photosensitive epileptic people the strobe function may trigger seizures.


Taylor Brands LLC has a one-year limited warranty on any accessories including but not limited to sheaths, sharpeners, tactical pens and carry and deployment systems. Proof of purchase may be required.


All Taylor Brands LLC expandable batons fall under our Taylor Brands LLC limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers defects in materials, manufacture or assembly and includes a repair or replacement guarantee, under normal field use, against breaking, bending, torn grip and if rust or corrosion prevents the batons from functioning.


Taylor Brands LLC does produce a small range of USA made automatic knives. Any automatic knife returned to Taylor Brands LLC must include an "Automatic Knife Opening Acknowledgement Form" or must be returned through an authorized Taylor Brands Dealer/Distributor. To obtain this form please contact Taylor Brands LLC:

Taylor Brands LLC
1043 Fordtown Rd.
Kingsport TN 37663