Viper Belone
The Belone features a bit of Viper's Italian regional traditional style, perfectly reworked by Jesper Voxnaes according to his modern and minimalist style.
Viper Berus
The Berus is a fixed EDC blade from Tommaso Rumici that's light, compact, and an especially effective cutter.
Viper Dan
Available with a drop point or sheepsfoot blade, the Dan is a front flipper slipjoint EDC perfect for those living in restrictive localities.
Viper Fate
This impressive fixed blade was primarily made for hunting but we see an obvious affinity toward tactical use for this knife.
Viper Fortis
Large yet extremely thin, the Fortis from Vox and Viper Knives is a tactical EDC dream knife outfitted with a premium M390 blade.
Viper Italo
Large and intimidating yet nimble and lightning fast, the Italo is a well-designed combat knife that is available in both liner and frame lock configurations.
Viper Katla
Perfect for everyday carry with a distinct tactical style, the Katla is a comfortable compact flipper that you will definitely enjoy.
Viper Keeper
The Keeper is a sporting folder with great versatility designed around a 3.75" blade that is easy to use and carry.
Viper Key
This new-age traditional folder, designed by Jesper Voxnaes, is a daily luxury to be used without worry and is as important as a classy pen or a fine watch to your daily carry.
Viper Kyomi
Best viewed as a flipper version of the Odino model, the Kyomi is a perfect everyday carry blade with excellent ergonomics.
Viper Lille
The original "tie" dresses the handle of the Lille from Jesper Voxnaes with elegance, allowing dual color combinations and giving a very enjoyable tactile feel.
Viper Maga
A tough, tactical folder with exceptional strength and great ergonomics.
Viper Novis
The Novis combines a tough liner lock mechanism with a modern design for an EDC front flipper that will always impress.
Viper Odino
This svelte folder from Jesper Voxnaes gives you a wide, thick blade paired with a durable frame lock design for a knife that can handle anything.
Viper Orso
The Orso is another stylish EDC from Viper Knives designed by the Jens Asno that is built to withstand your daily abuse and look good doing so.
Viper Rhino
Comfort meets utility styling with the Rhino, a great folder for all cutting tasks imaginable.
Viper Sakura Kitchen Line
The Sakura line is devoted to the enthusiast who does not want to compromise on Viper quality, even in the kitchen.
Viper Start
Designed for combat and built with style, this lockback folder is one strong, good looking knife.
Viper Storm
Designed by custom knifemaker Rick Hinderer, the Storm is a tactical and everyday carry design that is compatible with the HMBS modular backspacer system.
Viper Turn
The Turn by Fabrizio Silvestrelli is an excellent and versatile ball bearing lockback folder - one of the few!

Tecnocut snc was founded in 1987 and we started right from the beginning with the manufacture of sporting knives under the brand Viper. Since that day our mission has been to shape high quality products by combining advanced technology manufacturing processes with crafting tradition and skills.

Following this philosophy, in 1992 Tecnocut started the production of its first series of Damascus steel blades. The experience acquired over the years allowed the company to reach an artistic prestige in the industrial manufacturing of Damascus steel and wire Damascus. The offer was successively broadened with the introduction of new materials, such as high contrast, stainless and super stainless Damascus steels.

Around the end of the 1990s, in response to the great market reaction, Viper enriched its catalogue with the introduction of many fixed blade models.

The modern market trends and the sectorial evolution of the product pushed Tecnocut to adapt and change by further differentiating its range, with new series of high tech folding knives, which include liner lock, back lock and frame lock mechanisms, and using advanced materials such as sintering steels, carbon and titanium. The latest example is the Keeper which is the result of Master Fabrizio Silvestrelli’s creative flair and genius, combined with our famous productive accuracy and our material knowledge. The use of D2 or Bohler N690Co steels treated with modern processes, such as PVD coating or bead blasting set our folding knives at the cutting edge and as first-class for their reliability.

Even though we commit ourselves to keep pace with the current trends we do not intend to put aside and forget our origins: our range is still renowned for the extended use of rare and precious materials such as tainted and stabilised American burl woods, exotic woods, stag and stag horn.
Viper’s vocation to shape high crafted products generated series such as the “Slim jewels”: a line of real jewelled knives, supplied with either 800/000 silver scales or hand engraved ivory, also available with Damascus steel blades.

Our folding knives Timeless and Quality also were great successes, fruit of the partnership between Viper and the custom knife maker Fabrizio Silvestrelli, aka Silvester. This cooperation got strengthened over time and brought milestones of our company such as the Boletus, elegant mushrooms picking knife and other folding knives (Drop, Gent and the exclusive multipurpose corkscrew Plus...).

We shall not leave out the regional series, a collection that will eventually tally 18 models, each of them available on a 1000-knife run. This year Viper has skilfully revisited the famous knife from Piedmont Vernante maintaining its traditional characteristics but enhancing its safety thanks to the innovative Action Stopper System.

We also allow ourselves some incursions into the kitchen field for which we offer steak and table knife series as well as our well known champagne sabrage sword Mathusalem.

After 25 years our mission is still to shape high quality knives for passionate people. Thus we keep moving with our clients’ needs and wants. The Tank, Keeper and Start are here to show it. Viper broadened its offer by putting side by side its traditional elegant knives and a variety of highly innovative and technological models, always aiming at the maximum efficiency and focusing on a different but inimitable style.