Steel Will Apostate
The Apostate is a well-designed tactical knife with a titanium frame-lock, great ergonomics, and an intimidating look.
Steel Will Arcturus
The Arcturus by Steel Will Knives is a flipper knife perfectly designed for EDC. Available in two sizes.
Steel Will Avior
The Avior is a midsize folder with a specially designed flipper tab as its defining feature.
Steel Will Barghest
The F37 Barghest is a tribute to the classic tactical knives of the previous decades. Designed to be a powerful cutting knife with great piercing capabilities, this knife makes a great addition to any collection.
Steel Will Censor
The Censor is a compact fixed blade for everyday use.
Steel Will Chatbot
The Chatbot has a minimum amount of steel elements inside of a linerless G10 handle so it carries like it's not even there.
Steel Will Chieftain
The Chieftain is a tactical knife with a classic clip-point blade.
Steel Will Cutjack
The Cutjack flipper is Steel Will's take on the perfect multi-purpose everyday knife.
Steel Will Daitengu
The Daitengu is a slim, lightweight, gentleman's folder that fits perfectly in the pocket and the hand.
Steel Will Druid
The Druid Series is an array of fixed blades and folders designed for outdoor applications.
Steel Will Gekko
Like a nimble lizard, the Gekko is agile, ready for anything, and can overcome all obstacles.
Steel Will Gienah
The Gienah combines a long blade with a narrow profile to create a full functional EDC folder.
Steel Will Intrigue
The Intrigue is a light and compact EDC knife with a full-size blade. It combines such characteristics of a gentleman's knife like elegant shapes, a narrow blade, and quality materials. The red stand-offs add vivacity to the knife design.
Steel Will Lanner
This classic flipper designed by Anton Tkachenko is available in two sizes. Both are great options for any knife enthusiast.
Steel Will Modus
The Modus folding knife is a reliable tool as well as a stylish accessory. Capable of tackling any work that is required of an EDC knife.
Steel Will Nutcracker
The Nutcracker only looks freaky but it's strong at the same time and feels comfortable in the hand.
Steel Will Onrush
If the Bruiser is too large for your taste, the Onrush is the knife for you.
Steel Will Piercer
The Piercer is a versatile, compact EDC knife with a point strong enough to pierce through wood, plastic, metal sheets, and thick clothes. It's not a fighting knife, it's just ready for anything.
Steel Will Plague Doctor
The F16 Plague Doctor was designed as a tactical weapon, but brings enough utility to get any job done.
Steel Will Resident
Elegant and stylish, the Resident folder is a true gentleman’s knife. Featuring svelte lines and a study build, the F15 knife’s looks can only be outdone by its performance.
Steel Will Roamer
The Roamer large camp knife is perfect for tough tasks. Suitable for building a shelter or working with wood, this fixed blade does it all.
Steel Will Sargas
The Sargas is an EDC knife with a thin clip point blade and comfortable ergonomics.
Steel Will Screamer
The Screamer can be described in two words, small and furious.
Steel Will Scylla
The Scylla is a front flipper with an unusual opening method, employing dual thumbstuds that facilitate an easy and smooth action.
Steel Will Tasso
F12 Tasso combines the best EDC knife characteristics and durability, ergonomics, and Bowie-style blade of a true outdoor knife.

Steel Will Knives are produced with scrupulous attention to every detail and they are constantly searching for new ideas…new ways to push the envelope, innovate their products, and stay on the cutting edge of knives. Their goal was to create the best knives in the world. In doing so, they've carefully chosen the best time-tested steel from the US, Japan, Austria, and other countries to ensure each knife achieves the distinct properties for which it was created. The choice of materials for handles is influenced by reliability, practicality and safety. A Steel Will Knife was created to be extremely useful and comfortable. For this reason, they prefer to use proven materials like G10, Micarta, and high-strength rubberized composite materials. The relationship between the knife and its owner is one of harmony. They've tasked themselves to craft a tool that creates a bond with its user. It is an extension of a person’s will. Steel Will.