In 1810 Philippe Sabatier , a fine craftsman in the Thiers region of France designed, in his tiny workshops, a beautiful and highly functional kitchen knife which immediately knew a great success. Philippe Sabatier authorized other members of his family, also fine craftsmen in the same region, to reproduce his knife so that the Sabatier knife became rapidly more and more famous. For differentiating from each other the various members combined the name Sabatier with a logo, a letter or a word, thus constituting variations forming various brands. Those brands were progressively assigned to third parties outside the family. In 1964 one of the holders of a variation Maxime Girard registered the name Sabatier alone and his sccessor in rights, Rousselon, is now the owner of several registrations and has an exclusive right to use the name Sabatier alone.

In 1979 the owners of the various Sabatier variations formed an association to combine their forces and prevent new registrations and infringements of the brand. Sabatieris now arguably the most highly recognized knife brand in the world.

The Sabatier Griffin brand is owned by the illustriuos Rousselon family, whose Sabatier knife making expertise dates back to 1812 and who own a number of the currently operational Sabatier brands.