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David Broadwell has been an artist all of his life. As a child in school he enjoyed all of the art classes he could take, and when he entered middle and high school took both wood shop and mechanical drawing classes. Like many boys he was interested in cars, airplanes and ships, and spent a lot of time drawing them, probably at the expense of his other subjects!  And still to this day he considers himself an artist, and expresses his creativity in his knives, pens, and other functional art. 
Broadwell’s interest in knives goes back to the time when he was a little boy. There are still fond memories of dressing up in his father’s blue plaid bathrobe, taking up his cardboard shield with the Broadwell coat of arms, and strapping on his father’s Masonic dress sword. There were dragons and dark hearted knights to slay! For several years this interest in edged arms and tools simmered under the surface until in his mid twenties he felt the urge to create a knife. In 1981 Broadwell took a broken file and made his first knife. With its completion Broadwell knew this was what he wanted to do for a living, and he worked toward that end. In 1989 Broadwell left his job as a machinist and became a full time knifemaker. Broadwell has lived in Wichita Falls, Texas, for most of his life. In December 2012 he married his best friend Juanita. He is the father of 2 and step father of 8. Broadwell is involved with his community. He has participated with children’s ministries at his church since his oldest daughter was a toddler. He supports some local charities with their annual fund raisers. Broadwell has been a shooter of firearms since he was a young teenager and has shot pistols competitively in the past. Recreational activities include camping and fly fishing with friends. Broadwell rides a Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycle as much as possible because it’s just good therapy!