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Crawford Custom Knives
Crawford Custom Knives

Crawford Custom Knives

Pat and his son Wes Crawford have over 75 years of combined experience making high quality tactical and collector level knives. They use the finest materials and proven manufacturing techniques to create completely handmade designs in their Arkansas shop, which hasn't moved since 1972. Crawford Knives are used by service men and women in the FBI, CIA, DEA, and many other branches of the military and law enforcement. Crawford Knives are definitely beautiful but designed to be used and that's where they truly shine.

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play video Crawford Knives Custom Shark Folder 3.625 inch Black Out Damascus Plain Blade, Milled Titanium Handles
Crawford Knives Custom Shark Folder 3.625" Black Out Damascus Pla…
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CRAWFORD knives are custom crafted one at a time using only the finest materials available. When each knife leaves our shop it will be as perfect as we can make it -inspected for any anesthetic or structural defects. CRAWFORD knives are made to last and will, if given a reasonable amount of attention. If you receive one of our knives from us and are not satisfied, you can immediately return it and receive a full refund.

 CRAWFORD knives does not warrant breakage or failure of the knife as a result of misuse. Misuse of our knife or any knife can cause serious injury. Failure to properly maintain your CRAWFORD knife can cause the knife's mechanism to malfunction, which could result in injury to you or damage the knife. You should regularly check the tightness of the pivot and other screws and immediately notify CRAWFORD knives if you have any concern about the knife or its operation. You should also keep your knife clean by washing off any salt water, blood or any other residue after use prior to applying the necessary oil.

CRAWFORD knives are cutting instruments, please use them for the purpose intended. You should be aware that most localities have laws that regulate the carrying and concealment of any knife regardless of the type. Certain knives, blade designs and blade lengths are against the law in specific areas. With changes in national security, knives may not be permitted on certain local, state, and federal property. Although CRAWFORD knives makes knives for servicemen, and law enforcement, it is your  responsibility, upon purchasing a CRAWFORD knife to know the applicable laws and regulation regarding the purchase, ownership and possession of one of our knives.

By purchasing a CRAWFORD knife, you EXPRESSLY agree to assume all risk regarding the use, ownership, and handling of the knife. Likewise, you EXPRESSLY agree to indemnify and hold CRAWFORD knives harmless from any and all liability and claims arising out of your direct or indirect use and possession of one of our knives.

By ordering a Crawford Knife you certify that you are 18 years old.                                            

Thank you for purchasing one of our knives. Keep it sharp, clean and enjoy.

Pat and Wes Crawford

Crawford Knives, LLC