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Klotzli Custom Knives

Messer Klötzli has more than 17 employees working in two different locations, Bern and Burgdorf, in different areas ranging from production and administration to sales.

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Johann Ulrich Klotzli 1820-1882
 first Generation

Johann was born in Zauggenried on 30th May 1820; 1835 his parson, pastor Kuhn, stands up for him, so that he can learn a trade. He starts his 4 years apprenticeship on September 1, 1835. 1846 his teacher dies, Mr. Buri and Johann Ulrich Klotzli can take over the business.

Friedrich Ernst Klotzli 1849-1923
2. Generation

After he had learned the cutler profession in his father’s workshop, his years of travelling led him to Germany and France. After taking over the business, he extended the workshop and later, in 1891, he extended the shop. He broadened the variety of products with tools for cattle care and forestry.

Ernst Alfred Klotzli 1873 – 1942
3. Generation

After his apprenticeship, Ernst Alfred Klotzli also travelled through old Euorpe, working here and there to improve his skill. In 1917 he took over the business of his father. He started production of cheestriers, which are still made today. At the Bern County Craftsmen Exhibition KABA, held in 1924, the first fruit knives with stainless steel blades were presented to the public and were awarded a gold

Ernst Ulrich Klotzli 1911 - 1975
4. Generation

Ernst Ulrich Klotzli did his apprenticeship in his father’s workshop and at the same time visited a school of commerce. His years of travel led him to France, where he deepened his trade and craftsman knowledge. 1942 he took over the business. He was the first to put an electric motor in the workshop. In 1946 he bought a house in the old uppertown at Hohengasse 3 and moved the shop to this address which is still the address of today's shop. He introduced the wood carving knives – in collaboration with Christian Rubi, a Swiss master in wood carving.

Hans Peter Klotzli , born 1946
5. Generation

H.P. Klotzli did his knifemaker aprenticeship at Victorinox, the world-famous producer of the red Swiss army knife. He started to travel in 1969, yet not to develop his knowledge of knifemaking, but to see the world. Since he took over the business from his parents in 1972, he stands for a unity with tradition and, at the same time, is very modern and innovative.

H.P. says: “ I am very aware how much work and effort my ancestors have put into this business. I also realised what it takes to keep up a business for more than 150 years during good and bad times. I have the greatest respect for my ancestors, who in their own time and way have made their contributions. For me it is important and right to continue their life’s work and add my part. It gives me the opportunity to combine my enthusiasm for the job and for quality work with my creativity and joy of travelling and to ‘play my own game’. “ He expanded the business by acquiring in 1973 a knifeshop in Bern, the capital of Switzerland.