Spartan Blades Ares
The Ares is manufactured for the modern warrior as a military fighting/utility knife with several distinctive features to assist the serious military professional.
Spartan Blades Beads
These lead-free pewter beads will give your knife a personalized touch. Beads are an inexpensive way to accessorize your knife while adding the functionality of a lanyard.
Spartan Blades CQB Close Quarters Battle Tools
The Spartan CQB is aptly named and specially designed for Close Quarters Battle. The concept originates from Greg Thompson, an instructor of close quarters fighting techniques for the US Special Forces.
Spartan Blades Enyo Neck Knife
Enyo was an ancient goddess of war, acting as a counterpart and companion to the god of war Ares. This knife can be worn around the neck or in pocket.
Spartan Blades Formido Self-Defense Knife
The Formido is a lightweight skeletonized blade specifically designed to be carried as a self-defense tool and/or bush-crafting blade. Its slim profile makes it easily carried on a belt, vest or pack.
Spartan Blades Harsey
The Harsey collaboration is an excellent choice for all field use. Combat ready and sturdy, it's a great choice when the going gets tough.
Spartan Blades Horkos
Horkos in Greek is a sacred oath and the demon protector of honor. This knife was commissioned by the Combat Weapons Team of the United States Military Academy (West Point, NY), with custom etching to honor the graduating class.
Spartan Blades Hybris Combat/Utility Knife
Hybris was the goddess of insolence, violence, and outrageous behavior. This Reverse Tanto/Sheepsfoot fixed blade is designed to be a great all around combat/utility knife.
Spartan Blades Kranos
The Kranos flipper is a custom quality knife in every way. From its textured interior to its finally fitted inserts, it is an artful mixture of modern technology and classic looks.
Spartan Blades PALLAS
Pallas was the titan god of war, a fitting name for this folder. The blade can be opened easily with the flick of the thumbstud or flipper tab.
Spartan Blades Phrike
Phrike is the goddess of horror and fear in Greek mythology. Her name literally means "tremor, shivering". This small lightweight blade was specifically designed to be carried as a self-defense tool.
Spartan Blades Pocket Clips
These titanium pocket clips are a replacement for the standard arrow clip that comes on the Spartan Harsey and Pallas folders.
Spartan Blades Professional Grade
Designed by Spartan Blades, produced by Ka-Bar Knives - the Professional Grade Series are the perfect combination of power and price.
Spartan Blades Ronin Shinto
The Ronin Shinto by Spartan Blades is a great balance of old and new design and form, making for a highly functional combat knife.
Spartan Blades SHF Harsey
This special collaboration between Spartan Blades and William Harsey really pulls out all the stops. It’s a well-built tactical folder that uses titanium handles and S35VN stainless steel.
Spartan Blades V14 Spartan-George Combat Dagger
The Spartan-George V14 Dagger is Spartan Blades first collaboration with the gifted and prolific custom knifemaker, Les George. Spartan wanted to take a classic profile and improve it with better materials and thoughtful design.
Spartan Blades Zelos
From its fast firing automatic mechanism to the high-tech carbon fiber pocket clip, the Zelos is a true blend of design, technology, and function.

Spartan Blades, a veteran / service disabled-owned company, was formed by two retired U.S. Army Special Forces NCO's ("Green Berets") to design, make and deliver finely crafted knives.

  • Whether you are a military / law enforcement professional, outdoorsman, or simply a person that appreciates quality knives, Spartan Blades endeavors to create knives that meet your needs.
  • Spartan Blades is dedicated to the design and creation of innovative and functional knives.
  • Made in North Carolina, USA of only the highest quality materials (US origin), all Spartan Blades knives are produced with an attention to detail rarely found. 

Spartan Blades delivers a knife that will provide you years of faithful service in the harshest environments, all while maintaining its edge and strength of design.

About Spartan Blades:
Curtis Iovito and Mark Carey, Co-Founders of Spartan Blades, LLC, possess over 40 years of combined military service and experience. Since their retirement from US Army Special Forces they have been involved in the development, marketing, and program management of tactical gear and ballistic armor products. For years Curtis has designed and made custom knives for his friends in Special Forces and for other companies. Mark and Curtis have combined their shared love of knife making, military experience and knowledge of the tactical equipment market to form Spartan Blades, LLC with a singular mission:

“Manufacture finely crafted tactical and field knives”

“Knives with Intent”

It is the intent of Spartan Blades to provide the modern warrior and outdoorsman with knives that will serve them in a variety of missions and environments. Our intent is not to provide a cool knife or the next great pry bar, but rather produce a knife that is highly functional, made from only premium materials and techniques that looks great too!

All Spartan knives are manufactured by us in North Carolina with only US origin materials. Our Sheaths are made by US / US veteran owned businesses using only the best US Origin / Berry Amendment compliant materials. Both Mark and Curtis have spent a lifetime in the service of, and working to advance the interests of our country. Spartan Blades will do the same by only manufacturing in the U.S.A. with the highest quality domestically produced materials. Additionally, Spartan Blades utilizes other veteran owned small businesses in meeting our manufacturing mission.

Spartan Blades, LLC is located in Aberdeen, NC just west of Ft Bragg, NC; “Home of the US Army Airborne and Special Forces”.