Bark River Adventurer Series
The Adventurer Series from Bark River shines in all kinds of hunting and camping chores and can be easily used in any environment.
Bark River Brokk Fixed Blade Series
Designed by Dan Tope, the Brokk is his take on a compact Puukko design with a beautiful high-class look and scandi grind for maximum sharpness.
Bark River Bushbat Series
The JX4 Bushbat was designed by Chris Tanner, AKA preparedmind01, as a purpose built everyday carry knife that incorporates some bushcraft and combat karambit aspects into the design.
Bark River Companion Series
The JX6 Companion is a unique knife in its own right, sporting a saber-convex grind for maximum sharpness and ease of resharpening.
Bark River JBA Series
Designed by Randall Burns, the JBA is a quintessential outdoor tool that can handle any task at hand.
Bark River MACV SOG Series
The MACV SOG is modeled after the MACV Bowie designed by the Studies and Observations Group or SOG during the Vietnam War and is built for both combat and survival situations.
Bark River Marauder Series
The beefy blade on the Marauder puts some serious power into any cutting task. With a form-fitting handle and full-tang construction, it also has the stability to get the job done.
Bark River Micro Bravo Series
The Micro Bravo is designed after the popular Bravo model a compact fixed blade that is easy to use in the field and an ideal choice for an everyday carry.
Bark River Recondo MACV SOG Series
The Recondo is the CIA variation of the MACV SOG and a purpose built fighting knife with a broad 7.125" blade.
Bark River Ringtail Series
The Ringtail is slim and easy to wear on the belt, around the neck or to pack in your kit. It will make short work of field cleaning and outdoor tasks.
Bark River Vest Pocket Bowie Series
The mid-size Vest Pocket Bowie is versatile, handling thick vegetation, breaking down firewood, and animal quartering with ease.