We Knives 2001 Kitefin Series
The Kitefin is a fantastic EDC design with a thin profile, great action, and excellent ergonomics.
We Knives 2002 Angst Series
The Angst from Justin Lundquist is a compact EDC flipper posing as a tactical dagger.
We Knives 2003 Snecx Mini Buster Series
The Mini Buster from Snecx Design Lab is an EDC powerhouse with an undeniably cool aesthetic.
We Knives 2005 Mote Series
The Mote from Ostap Hel brings agility and utility in a small package.
We Knives 2006 Gava Series
The Rafal Brzeski Gava is a stylish, hard working everyday carry built for a rough and tumble lifestyle.
We Knives 2007 Minax Series
The Minax from Ferrum Forge is a knife with an undeniable cool factor that will have you reaching for it more often than not.
We Knives 2008 Roman Series
The Roman front flipper from Alessandra De Santis is an unusual design with plenty of reach and tactical application for the trained hands.
We Knives 2009 Limited Edition Kitefin Series
Limited to just 320 pieces of each model, the limited edition Kitefins are outfitted with CPM-20CV hand rubbed blades.
We Knives 2010 Black Void Opus Series
The Black Void Opus is a Justin Lundquist front flipper with an ultra-clean look and excellent pocket feel.
We Knives 601 Series
The 601 is one sweet knife with superior ergonomics and one of the coolest blade designs we've seen in years.
We Knives 602 Series
Big, broad, and beefy - the 602 is a tactical folder characterized by straight lines and a devastating tanto blade.
We Knives 604 Series
Dragon scale texturing on the titanium handles lift the 604 model head and shoulders above the competition.
We Knives 605 Series
Compact size with absolutely perfect ergonomics are the hallmarks of the 605 model which will outperform any knife in its class.
We Knives 606 Series
The two-tone drop point blade of the We 606 is subtle in comparison to the colorful contoured titanium handle, available with or without the beautiful carbon fiber inlays.
We Knives 611 Series
The 611 flipper from We Knives instills confidence in hand that this knife is designed and fully capable of performing the most demanding tasks asked of a folding knife.
We Knives 615 Cirrus Series
Its shape lends it perfectly to everyday carry tasks while its large size and great grip allow it to excel as a tactical combat knife.
We Knives 616 Resonance Series
A scaled down version of the 602 model, the 616 mimmicks the tanto blade shape while improving on the handle looks and ergonomics in a knife designed for everyday utility tasks.
We Knives 618 Series
Shaped like a pencil and sharp as a scalpel, the 618 is long and slender yet perfectly suited for hard use cutting tasks.
We Knives 620 Series
No flipper, no problem for the We Knives 620. This manual thumb stud opening model still utilizes ceramic bearings so the action is just as fast as every other We Knife.
We Knives 704 Series
Its size categorizes it as a tactical knife but its design is all class. We love the looks of the 704 just as much as we love the flipping action which has been a staple of the brand from the very beginning.
We Knives 705 Series
A slender design with Wharncliffe functionality and just the right amount of tactical flair make the 705 one of our favorite We Knives.
We Knives 707 Nitida Series
Maybe not your typical looking folder, the 707 Nitida from We Knives is an ergonomic edc/tactical folder with superior action and amazing fit and finish.
We Knives 708 Karambit Series
From the spot-on ergonomics to the amazingly fast flipping action and its exemplary looks, this first Karambit from We Knives is truly something special.
We Knives 710 Straight Up Series
The 710 Straight Up from We Knives is their take on a folding Kwaiken design and a knife that can easily flex into a tactical role should the need ever arise.
We Knives 711 Blitz Series
The Blitz model is a fantastic combination of form and function with a price tag well below its quality level.
We Knives 712 Balaenoptera Series
This knife is aptly named the Balaenoptera, the genus of the largest animal that has ever lived, the blue whale, with looks to match its enormous cutting potential.
We Knives 713 Sea Monster Series
A mesmerizing two-tone titanium handle and unique S-shape give the 713 model an appearance that perfectly embodies its name; the Sea Monster.
We Knives 714 Simon Crafts Slipstream Series
The 714 Slipstream by Simon Crafts is a straight-forward knife built for work and is surprisingly large for how ergonomic and easily carried it happens to be.
We Knives 716 Zephyr Series
The 716 Zephyr is, without a doubt, one of the most ergonomic knives we've ever carried and to describe it as melting into your hand would be somewhat of an understatement.
We Knives 717 Valiant Series
The Valiant can and will handle tasks beyond its size and its impressive build quality has made We Knives a force to be reckoned with in our industry.
We Knives 718 Simon Crafts Array Series
The 718 Simon Crafts Array flipper is pencil-thin with an extremely ergonomic grip which will make it a go-to blade in your EDC rotation.
We Knives 801 Minitor Series
The Minitor is an in-house We design and like the mythical Greek creature it's loosely named for, part man-made tool and part wicked tactical beast.
We Knives 802 Vindex Series
The 802 Vindex fixed blade is a versatile tactical, hunting or survival knife with an appealing aesthetic and solid built quality you can count on with your life.
We Knives 804 Vapor Series
The 804 Vapor is a tasteful, angular utility knife with superior action and aesthetics that shines as an everyday carry flipper with class.
We Knives 805 Wisp Series
The Wisp is like a Kershaw Leek on steroids, taking the flipping action, fit and finish to a whole new level while still being exceptionally thin and lightweight.
We Knives 806 Bullit Series
The 806 model is a unique and functional piece that will be a great addition to any EDC rotation.
We Knives 807 Vaquita Series
The 807 model is an excellent miniature fixed blade design from We Knives. The shape begs you to use it, even if it's only for opening mail, and the quality of the knife ensures it will always live up to the task.
We Knives 808 Caliber Series
The 808 model is a modern and clean design that just begs to be carried and used everyday.
We Knives 809 Practic Series
The 809 model from We Knife is an excellent tactical design that can flex into an EDC role easily and effectively.
We Knives 810 Yucha Series
The 810 model from We Knife is a fantastic knife and, in our opinion, represents an incredible value for what you're getting. This is an amazingly feature-laden knife for its price point.
We Knives 812 Ferox Series
The 812 Ferox features a rugged aesthetic and tough build quality that allow it to shine in any theater of use.
We Knives 813 Wasabi Series
The Wasabi is a slender, deceivingly large gentleman's folder with a flat cutting edge that will rip and tear anything in its path.
We Knives 814 Chimera Series
If you can only pick up one We Knife, make it the 814 Chimera. It's tactical in nature yet wickedly smooth and one of the best looking, best feeling knives they've ever produced.
We Knives 815 Double Helix Series
The Double Helix is the platform for We's patented Slide Lock design, similar an AXIS lock, allowing you to flip the blade open and closed for maximum fun factor.
We Knives 816 Incisor Karambit Series
The Incisor is We Knife's second karambit flipper, adding a reversible pocket clip and thumb stud so you can carry and deploy it how you want.
We Knives 817 STIXX Series
Designed by Mikkel Willumsen, the STIXX is a versatile knife that brings his distinct style and We's incredible manufacturing quality to a whole new audience.
We Knives 818 Streak Series
The 818 Streak flipper is everything you want in a knife and nothing you don't. It's a well-priced EDC or tactical option with superior action and ergonomics.
We Knives 819 Drakon Series
The Drakon features We's signature dragon scale milling pattern for a grip that looks as striking as it feels.
We Knives 820 Roxi Series
Compact size yet robust performance are the hallmarks of the Roxi designed by brothers Seth and Teryl Todd.
We Knives 821 Pleroma Series
The Pleroma is another typical knife from Elijah Isham that is unlike anything else on the market and a stylish utilization of an integral titanium frame.
We Knives 901 Deacon Series
The Deacon is a near perfect EDC blade with excellent ergonomics, silky smooth action, and an inset bolster lock that we absolutely love.
We Knives 902 Gentry Series
The Gentry is We's first slipjoint model and its robust build quality and size will endear it to you straight away.
We Knives 903 Bishop Series
The Bishop is a design that gets everything right from its excellent ergonomics to superb flipping action easily manipulated lock. We absolutely love it!
We Knives 904 JIXX Series
The JIXX features a hollow ground belly for sharpness and a flat ground tip for additional strength in a style that is distinctly Mikkel Willumsen.
We Knives 905 Scamp Series
This robust, stylish pocketknife requires two hands to open but the action is just the right balance between smooth and stout that you look for in a slipjoint folder.
We Knives 906 Arrakis Series
From the surreal mind of Elijah Isham comes the Arrakis, another stylish flipper with a unique skeletonized blade and handle.
We Knives 907 Nerv Balicomb Series
Whether it be a bottle opener, pry bar, multi-functional tool or an elegant comb, being able to practice your flipping while also serving another function is something we can all get behind.
We Knives 908 Schism Series
Similar in size and shape to the Kershaw Leek, the Schism is a perfect EDC knife with a much more robust build quality.
We Knives 909 Syncro Series
The Syncro is a tactical knife disguised as a gentleman's folder and we highly recommend it to you as your next go-to, do-anything knife.
We Knives 910 037 Series
The 037 features a long drop point blade that flips quickly and easily on ceramic bearings. With its streamlined design aesthetic it makes a great choice for those who just want to get the job done.
We Knives 911 Malice Series
A collaboration with Ferrum Forge, the Malice is a mid-size folder with a surprising amount of heft, and a big blade with serious bite.
We Knives 912 Synergy 2 Series
The original Synergy was truly way ahead of its time and on the 20th anniversary of the design, Jim is proud to partner with WE Knife to continue the legacy and introduce an updated and re-engineered Synergy 2 to the next generation of cutlery enthusiasts.
We Knives 913 Miscreant Series
The Miscreant is a collaboration with custom knifemaker Brad Zinker, combining his one-of-a-kind build quality with We's excellent manufacturing process.
We Knives 915 Sugga Series
It's rare when you get a production version of a mid-tech or custom knife that you proclaim, "I might just like this better" and the Sugga might just be that kind of knife.
We Knives 916 Roxi 4 Series
Larger and more capable than the original Roxi, the Roxi 4 features a nearly 4-inch Wharncliffe blade for tons of cutting efficiency.
We Knives 917 Gnar Series
This Matt Degnan design is a small knife with a tough build quality that is ideal for everyday carry.
We Knives 918 ÆternA Series
The aesthetics of the ÆternA by Elijah Isham may not be for everyone but every other aspect is so well thought out and manufactured that this knife is worthy of your consideration all the same.
We Knives 919 Stonefish Series
Designed by Michael Emler, the Stonefish is a versatile fixed blade with an endless list of uses.
We Knives 920 Blocao Series
The windowed lockback Blocao, designed by Miguel Barbudo, is ultra-tough blade for tactical situations but should definitely be used with caution.
We Knives 921 Reazio Series
The Reazio fixed blade from Tony Tietzel is an elegant EDC tool with amazing grind lines and it hits all the right spots.
We Knives 922 Hecate Series
Named for the Greek goddess of Magic and Witchcraft, the Hecate from WE Knives is built to protect you from the evil spirits that roam the world.
We Knives 923 Scoppio Series
The 923 Scoppio is the perfect knife for someone looking for a versatile, functional knife, who doesn't want to shirk on style.
We Knives 924 B.U.D. Back Up Dagger Series
Made from a single piece of 6AL4V titanium. skeletonized, and easy to use, the 924 Back Up Dagger is a great companion knife to bring everywhere.
We Knives 925 MRF Series
The 925 MRF Markus Reichart Folder is a modern take on a classic slipjoint with high end materials and a satisfying snap on deployment.
We Knives A05 Series
The A05 emergency whistle is titanium pealess design that won't break or fail where other whistles will and puts out a piercing 120 dB from this incredibly compact design.
We Knives A08 Gesila Series
The A08 Gesila Pry Bar is a handy little tool with a prominent pry bar, a bottle opener, and a pocket clip to carry it with.
We Knives Pen Series
Finely crafted with a great bolt action, these are economical gems.
We Knives WK01A Series
The We Kitchen Lifestyles Gyuto is a versatile chef's knife with a 67-layer hammered Damascus blade and equally beautiful octagonal-shaped wooden handle.
We Fixed Blades
Built for combat yet perfectly at home lost in the woods, the fixed blades from We Knives are some of the most stylish we've ever seen!
We Folding Knives
Don't let the made in China tag fool you, We folding knives are some of the best manufactured pieces in the entire world and they have an amazing array of quality designs.
We Kitchen Knives
We Kitchen Lifestyles is a welcome addition to meal prep providing high-quality and unique style at amazing prices.
We Knife Merchandise
Show some We pride with this 100% heavy brushed cotton hat embroidered with the company's perpendicular line logo.
We Knife Whistles
The We Whistle puts out an incredible 120 decibels and because it's titanium and weighs just a fraction of an ounce, it's a great addition to any pack, keyring or emergency kit.
We Knives Pen Series
Finely crafted with a great bolt action, these are economical gems.

Founded in 2000, We Knife Co.,Ltd. (WE) is located in Yangjiang, Guangdong, China. WE are one of the largest professional manufacturer and exporter of HIGH-QUALITY knives and tools in China. We Knife is capable of manufacturing high-quality knives with professional & advanced production equipment that including CNC machines,CNC grinding machines,stamping machines,EDM machines,laser engraving machines,anodized Titanium coating equipment.

We always believe good quality and innovation is the key to development. To achieve these,we have our own strong R&D team that continuously design high-quality knives with a variety of innovative designs. We have about 100 selected skillful workers in our production lines, products including fixed blade knives,folding knives,kitchen knives,Kydex sheaths,etc.

There are 5 sales persons in our customer service team that always working with the earnest attitude to serve  your needs based on mutual benefit.

Looking to the future, we will keep working hard to continue our mission of "Building the highest quality knives and tools, and giving you plenty of choices in our products". We have always taken a keen interest in our customers, and it is important for us to stay in touch with your needs and desires.
Working with us will greatly cut down your cost and help you to win the markets.

PS:History about our name
For over the past 10 years until 2014,WE Knife was named"Wayeahknife”,a small factory that produced OEM medium and high-end products only. Coming along with our business expanding and our own brand knife WE building up ,we’ve stood firm with the decision to relocate our factory to a larger and better working area in 2014,
with a new name"WE Knife”being born,which is shorter and easier to be remembered by customers.
Now,we proudly share with you that we’ve gotten patented for our own brand WE in China,United States and Europe Union. This is what we belong and this is our home,welcome to join us.