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Dan Peters Custom Knives was started a couple of years ago after my favorite hobby grew into a business. I take pride in using the best materials that will produce a product that will last generations. Most of my knives are made with tactical and hard use in mind, but I also make a more “display” grade, which  are still made to be used, but are also beautiful enough that you will not want to.

I started seriously making knives a few years ago under a very talented and experienced knife maker and then slowly began to acquire my own equipment and techniques. I have a few designs that are popular, but will also work with customers to make one-of-a-kind knives. All the steels used are meant to perform and all handle materials are built to last.

All of my knives are made to your order and because of that, they take some time to make. The amount of time to make a knife depends on a number of variables. Since all knives are custom made by me, the amount of current orders can impact timing. I am also an active member of the Armed Forces and there are times I am away from home. In general, the wait times range from 1 to 6 months, but I guarantee that my knives are worth waiting for!