Smith & Sons Axiom
Designed with comfort and versatility in mind, the Axiom is sure to be one of your favorite cutting tools.
Smith & Sons Brave
The Brave by Smith & Sons is the perfect combination of "small enough to carry daily" and "big enough to do whatever I need to do."
Smith & Sons Cherokee
Hunters and bushcrafters alike will find that the Cherokee is the perfect synthesis of both form and function.
Smith & Sons Cypress
The Cypress Trapper is a classic, usable design that's built to last and connect with folks on a very personal level.
Smith & Sons Honcho
The Honcho is a versatile fixed blade designed for hard use that includes an excellent leather sheath.
Smith & Sons Legacy
The Legacy is a traditional slipjoint Trapper with a slim profile and half-stop safety for safe handling.
Smith & Sons Ogre
The Ogre is a big, beastly survival knife that is built to perform with fully sculpted and contoured handle scales for maximum comfort.
Smith & Sons Pioneer
The ergonomics and size of the Pioneer make it a perfect candidate for EDC without compromising the ability to get the job done.
Smith & Sons Prospector
For all of you looking for a little more 'oomph' in your Nessmuk, Smith & Sons gives you The Prospector. Same Nessmuk styling with a little more heft.
Smith & Sons Rougarou
Named for the mythical Cajun creature that prowls the swamps, the Rougarou looks for trouble and is a total beast in the right hands.
Smith & Sons Spur
The slim, unassuming design of this knife makes it great for everyday carry, while its pronounced finger guard and full-tang design makes it suitable for hard-use.
Smith & Sons Tataille
The Tataille is Smith & Sons bushcrafting design that's perfect for just about everything and has a great blade to handle ratio.