Michael Williams is Industrial Designer with over 15 years of design experience. After receiving his Master’s Degree in Industrial Design in 2001 he relocated to San Diego to become the Lead Industrial Designer at Buck Knives. For 3 years he was the driving force behind the look and feel of Buck’s new innovative products before moving on in early 2004. Since 2004 he’s been designing knives and multi-tools for many of the major knife manufacturers in the USA. Finally, in 2016 Michael has taken his many years of knife knowledge and experience to design and develop his own product line called Sektor 3 Tools.

Our passion lies in industrial design. Creating products that make lives easier or more fun have always been our first desire. Whether doing contract work for another maker or using our best ideas for our very own brand, our passion is creation.

Our mission is to change the hierarchy of the EDC industry. For too long, bulky, barely usable multi-tools have dominated the marketplace. Our mission is to make Sektor3Tools a leader in the field by bringing fresh ideas and quality, useful, American Made tools to market while showing our valued clientele an unprecedented level of customer care during and after the purchase process.

Inspired by the wise words of Vince Lombardi: Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence. With each new design we present, we hope to provide improvement and innovation over the last, and most certainly over every last competitor. 

At Sektor 3 Tools, though our items may look futurist and technologically advanced, we start with an old fashioned design method: pencil and paper! Once a design is brought to fruition on paper, it ends up being built in 3D CGI & finally becoming “real” by use of the world's most advanced 3D printers. The 3D printing and RE-printing process became vital during the development of these first two products, we think you’ll see, as we do, that the ergonomics of each piece are dead-on-balls accurate.