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Wilmont Grinders, LLC was started out of necessity, Chris Williams was disheartened by the inability to adjust the angle and a height of his box stock store bought 2" x 72" grinders, therefore, set out to manufacture his own. Chris had worked in the engineering and manufacturing filed  6 years after retiring from the U.S.Army. Using what he had learned in the engineering field he set out to create a whole new grinder that was more versatile than anything on the market. It took over two years to get The TAG-101 to this level where he felt it was ready for the consumer. He still uses it every day to either grind knives or fab parts.

Our mission statement has centered on the idea that a better tool will provide a better result. Simply stated, "Finish first." We at Wilmont Grinders, LLC aim to reach this goal by taking the time during the Research and Development (R&D) phase of our products to identify the little details that will make each of our products a success in helping it's owner "Finish" his/her metalworking with precision.