Bestech BFK01 Heidi Blacksmith Fixed Blades
A slim but sturdy fixed blade with a thick full tang design that gets the job done.
Bestech BFK02 Hedron Fixed Blades
The Hedron is an impressive utility design from Ostap Hel that is built to perform and work dutifully as long as you do.
Bestech BG01 Lion Flippers
The BG01 Lion features a 3.38" D2 steel blade and G10 handles.
Bestech BG02 Grampus Flippers
The BG02 Grampus features a 3.5" two-tone D2 blade and G10 scales.
Bestech BG03 Swordfish Flippers
The BG03 Swordfish is a mid-size flipper with a buttery smooth action and ergonomic handles.
Bestech BG04 Warwolf Flippers
The BG04 Warwolf is a mid-size flipper with a 3.5" D2 blade and G10 handle scales.
Bestech BG05 Scimitar Flippers
The BG05 Scimitar is a mid-size flipper with a buttery smooth action and makes a great everyday carry knife.
Bestech BG06 Kendo Flippers
The BG06 Kendo has a 3.75" Kwaiken-style blade and G10 scales. It is a solid choice for an everyday carry knife.
Bestech BG07 Pebble Flipper
The Pebble is a mid-size folder with a 3" VG10 blade and G10 handles.
Bestech BG08 Rhino Flipper
The BG08B-1 flipper is dubbed the Rhino, and it's a name the fits. The beefy flipper not only fully fills your hand when in use it is comfortable doing so.
Bestech BG09 Spike Flipper
The Spike is a full-size folder with a beautiful two-toned blade, ergonomic FRN handle, and superb flipping action.
Bestech BG10 Thorn Flipper
The BG10 Thorn is a robust everyday carry piece with a solid build and great action which make it a laudable choice for your next EDC tool.
Bestech BG11 Beluga Flipper
The aptly named BG11 Beluga is a fantastic EDC tool with a blade shape reminiscent of the snout of a Beluga whale.
Bestech BG12 Hornet Flippers
The BG12 Hornet knife is a full-size flipper with a sturdy sheepsfoot blade. The ergonomic handles and thumb ramp make this knife suitable for extended cutting tasks.
Bestech BG13 Paladin Flippers
The BG13 Paladin is a full-size flipper whose size and shape will make you want to carry and use it every day.
Bestech BG14 Toucan Flippers
The BG14 Toucan features a 3.74" two-tone blade and G10 scales. It includes a lanyard hole built into the backspacer.
Bestech BG15 Barracuda Flippers
A mid-size flipper with a 3.5" Wharncliffe blade and textured G10 handles, the Barracuda makes a good addition to Bestech's lineup.
Bestech BG17 Torpedo Flipper
The Torpedo is a mid-size flipper with smooth flipping action and contoured G10 handles for superior performance.
Bestech BG18 Fanga Flipper
Another fantastic entry into Bestech's line of D2 folding knives, the Fanga is a slim but wicked knife designed by Polish knife designer Grabarski (Kombou) Grzegorz.
Bestech BG19 Ascot Flipper
The handles of the Ascot flipper combine carbon fiber and G10 in intricate whorls and curves to give this knife a gorgeous look.
Bestech BG20 Muskie Flippers
The BG20 Muskie Flipper has a smooth ergonomic handle and a D2 blade that flips like a dream.
Bestech BG21 Texel Flippers
A D2 flipper knife from a Bestech and A Puvis Blades collaboration, the Texel is a midsize folder with a decent bite and excellent ergonomics.
Bestech BG22 Bobcat Flippers
The Bobcat is unassuming but highly functional flipper with all the chops to make a great EDC knife.
Bestech BG23 Eye of Ra Flippers
The Eye of Ra is near perfect for utility tasks with an ergonomic handle that fits many hand sizes and gives the design its name.
Bestech BG25 Irida Flippers
Similar to the Marukka but with a straight back blade shape, the Irida is a tactical EDC that is not short on style.
Bestech BT1701 Shogun Flippers
The BT1701 flipper is an excellent folding design from Bestech Knives. The shape and size make it a tactical folder but the action is so good you'll want to carry it every day.
Bestech BT1703 Emperor Flippers
The BT1703 Emperor is a gorgeous flipper with a smooth opening action that is perfect for an everyday carry knife.
Bestech BT1706 Predator Flippers
The BT1706 Predator has a 3.63" tanto blade and ergonomic titanium handles that offer great purchase.
Bestech BT1707 Dolphin Flippers
The BT1707 Dolphin has a 3.63" drop point blade and handles with wave-like contouring.
Bestech BT1708 Tercel Flippers
The BT1708 Tercel features a 3.5" clip point blade and ergonomic handles for excellent control.
Bestech BT1709 Starfighter Flippers
The BT1709 Starfighter is a 3.5" flipper knife with stylishly designed handles that fit well to the hand.
Bestech BT1711 Goblin Flippers
The BT1711 Goblin flipper is a small flipper design from Bestech Knives. The shape and size make it a tactical folder but the action is so good you'll want to carry it every day.
Bestech BT1801 Pterodactyl Flippers
The BT1801 Pterodactyl is a stylish flipper with 3.64" blade and titanium handles with carbon fiber inlays.
Bestech BT1802 Shrapnel Flippers
The BT1802 Shrapnel has an angular design and a smooth opening action and is a perfect choice for an everyday carry knife.
Bestech BT1803 Shinkansen Flippers
The BT1803 Shinkansen is a stylish front-flipping knife with a slim profile.
Bestech BT1804 Sky Hawk Flippers
The BT1804 Sky Hawk sports a geometric design with ergonomic handles, and is a great choice for an everyday carry knife.
Bestech BT1805 & BT1806 Engine Flippers
When looking for a knife that sports a great look while still bringing utility to the table, look no further than the Bestech Engine.
Bestech BT1807 Parrot Flippers
The BT1807 Parrot is a compact, easy-to-carry flipper knife with a 2.375" stonewashed blade, perfect for small cutting tasks.
Bestech BT1809 Junzi Slipjoint Knives
Bestech Knives puts a new spin on an old classic with their slipjoint, the Junzi.
Bestech BT1810 The Reticulan Flipper
The Bestech Reticulan is a small and stylish flipper knife that provides several carry options, making it a great EDC choice.
Bestech BT1811 Ornetta Flippers
A collaboration between Bestech Knives and Polish knife designer Grabarski Grzegorz (Kombou), the Ornetta uses high-quality materials and unique profiles to make one wicked knife.
Bestech BT1813 Eskra Flipper
A collaboration between Bestech Knives and Polish knife designer Grzegorz "Kombou" Grabarski, the Eskra knife is a mid-size flipper with an aggressive profile and surprisingly organic design aesthetic.
Bestech BT1901 Horus Flipper
The Bestech Horus is a midsize, titanium handled flipper with a stylized design aesthetic.
Bestech BT1902 Malware Flipper
The Malware from Bestech Knives is an angularly designed flipper knife with a sharp bite.
Bestech BT1904 Bison Flipper
The Bison flipper knife provides a solid feel while still remaining lightweight, and makes a great choice for an EDC.
Bestech BT1905 Ghost Flippers
The Ghost from Bestech Knives is a mid-size flipper with refined ergonomics that allow for a variety of holds.
Bestech BT1906 BowieTie Flipper
A stylish, semi-dress knife with a Bowie style blade made with high quality M390 steel. The various carbon fiber handles provide a great look and an excellent grip.
Bestech BT1907 Fractal Flippers
The Fractal from Bestech is a flipper knife with a geometrically designed aesthetic and carbon fiber inlays.
Bestech BT1908 Supersonic Folding Knife
The Supersonic is a Bestech titanium folding knife with a snappy opening and gorgeous finishes.
Bestech BT1909 Kasta Flipper Knives
The Kasta is a robust yet smooth flipper design that you can depend on for just about everything you need in a folding knife.
Bestech BT1910 Shodan Flipper
The Shodan is an intricately designed and styled flipper knife from Bestech's titanium knife line.
Bestech BT1911 Kamoza Flippers
The Kamoza features a thin profile with a different take on a tanto blade to make one slick knife.
Bestech BT1912 & BT1913 Tulip Front Flippers
Great for quick cuts or little jobs, the Tulip flipper is perfect for those looking for a convenient, easy-to-carry blade.
Bestech BT2001 Wibra Flippers
The stylish handle milling on the titanium chassis, svelte drop point blade, and smooth flipping action make the Wibra an instant winner.
Bestech BT2002 Marukka Flippers
The Marukka is a Persian style design thanks to its trailing point blade and heavily curved pistol grip handle and we absolutely love it.
Bestech BT2004 Ivy Flippers
From its eccentric appearance to the incredibly smooth action, the Ivy is really a nice knife and will become someone's absolute favorite, that we can pretty much guarantee.
Bestechman Accessories
Bestechman items provide a variety of items and accessories to compliment your Bestech knife.