CIVIVI Knives Anthropos C903 Flippers
The Anthropos is CIVIVI's first design under Elijah Isham and it's a short yet wide knife that's built for slicing.
CIVIVI Knives Appalachian Drifter C2015 Flipper
The Appalachian Drifter is a detent lock slipjoint flipper that's just downright cool.
CIVIVI Knives Asticus C2002 Flippers
The Asticus is your no-frills folding knife with simply stellar features that set it apart from the rest at this price point.
CIVIVI Knives Backlash C801 Flipper
The Backlash is just the right size for any task and a lightweight, high-value EDC or tactical option that just works.
CIVIVI Knives Badlands Vagabond C2019 Flippers
We think the Badlands Vagabond is well on its way to becoming a revered EDC piece as its design just gets everything right,
CIVIVI Knives Brigand C909 Flippers
With a reverse tanto blade, the Brigand is a knife you turn to when you need to get work done.
CIVIVI Knives Bullmastiff C2006 Flippers
The popular clear design, the Bullmastiff, is now available in a full-size tactical variant that performs like no other.
CIVIVI Knives C-Quill CP-01 Bolt-Action Pen
The C-Quill is an aluminum body tactical pen with carbide glass breaker and bolt-action mechanism that is almost an industry standard at this point.
CIVIVI Knives Chronic C917 Flippers
The 917 Chronic is an EDC gentleman's knife with a slim and petite profile.
CIVIVI Knives Click CA-01 Carabiner
The Click titanium carabiner includes a bottle opener and a small pry bar that can be used as a utility cutter so it's more than just a way to keep your keys close at hand.
CIVIVI Knives Contactless MT-1 Multi-Tool
Specifically designed to battle COVID-19, the MT-1 is a contactless way to interact with this crazy world we find ourselves in.
CIVIVI Knives Coronet CP-02 Pen/Fidget Spinner
The Coronet incorporates a spinning top onto an already excellent bolt-action design making it one of the best EDC pens available.
CIVIVI Knives Courser C804 Flippers
Whether you're skinning a duck, breaking down a deer or whittling around the campfire, the Courser will get the job done.
CIVIVI Knives Dogma C2005 Flippers
The Dogma is just the right size and shape to excel at a variety of tasks and its distinct look allows it to stand out from the crowd.
CIVIVI Knives Dogma C2014 Folders
The C2014 Dogma is a redesigned C2005 but with a blood groove and never before seen handle materials.
CIVIVI Knives Durus C906 Flipper Knives
The Durus looks like a shrunken down tactical knife which is precisely what makes it such a competitive EDC as it's just downright tough as nails.
CIVIVI Knives Elementum C907 Folders
The Elementum is a no-frills, straight down to business utility folding knife that will appeal to just about anybody.
CIVIVI Knives Exarch C2003 Flippers
The C2003 Exarch model is a C917 Chronic flipper reimagined with a front flipper for 2020.
CIVIVI Knives Fracture C2008 Tanto Slipjoint Folders
The Fracture Tanto is an excellent slipjoint design with a tactical look and rock-solid feel.
CIVIVI Knives Fracture C2009 Drop Point Slipjoints
The Fracture Drop Point is a large utility/work knife for those who don't want to fiddle with a locking mechanism.
CIVIVI Knives Governor C911 Folding Knives
The Governor has an executive look but at 8.74" overall, is all business when push comes to shove.
CIVIVI Knives Hooligan C913 Folding Knives
The Hooligan is a compact yet hard use EDC knife with smooth action and outstanding ergonomics - perfect for those with smaller hands.
CIVIVI Knives Incite C908 Flippers
The Incite is a handsome utility knife that extends into the tactical realm with its large drop point blade and stout, ergonomic handle.
CIVIVI Knives Kiri-EDC C2001 Neck Knife
The Kiri-EDC is a Kiridashi-style neck knife with a full four-finger grip, excellent jimping, and built-in bottle opener.
CIVIVI Knives Little Fiend C910 Flippers
The Little Fiend is a great everyday carry knife that will always be there for you and never disappoint.
CIVIVI Knives M2 Backup C2016 Fixed Blade
The M2 Backup is more than just a secondary tactical knife; it shines as a hunting/skinning knife as well.
CIVIVI Knives Mandate C2007 Utility Knife
The Mandate is a high-end replaceable blade utility knife that includes an additional Damascus blade to complete the high-end look.
CIVIVI Knives Mastodon C2012 Flipper Knives
The Mastodon is a great food prep, utility, and tactical design all rolled into one.
CIVIVI Knives Mckenna C905 Front Flippers
For EDC on a budget yet still looking to stand out from the crowd, the Mckenna front flipper is just that kind of knife.
CIVIVI Knives Mini Bullmastiff C2004 Flippers
The Mini Bullmastiff is a compact flipper from CIVIVI that operates smoothly with that undeniably cool cleaver aesthetic.
CIVIVI Knives Mini Mastodon C2011 Flippers
The Mini Mastodon is an everyday carry favorite of ours and it makes an excellent gift option.
CIVIVI Knives Odium C2010 Flippers
The Odium design from Ferrum Forge is a high-value, compact EDC with smooth action and a workhorse mentality.
CIVIVI Knives Ortis C2013 Flippers
The Ortis is a beautiful EDC design with snappy action and a reversible clip that makes it work for just about everyone.
CIVIVI Knives Pintail C2020 Flipper
The Pintail combines a tough compact design with a touch of style and class, making it a formidable everyday carry option.
CIVIVI Knives Plethiros C904 Flippers
From designer Elijah Isham, the Plethiros features his signature sweeping design and a small flipper tab that hides in the handle when the blade is deployed.
CIVIVI Knives Praxis C803 Flipper Knives
If you're looking for one knife that can handle everything life throws at you, the Praxis is that knife.
CIVIVI Knives Rustic Gent C914 Lockback Folders
The Rustic Gent is a stylish gentleman's pocket knife with a tough build quality and lockback mechanism so it's ready to be put to work.
CIVIVI Knives Shard C806 Flippers
The Shard is a bright, colorful EDC piece from CIVIVI Knives that won't draw unwanted attention when out and about.
CIVIVI Knives Shredder C912 Flippers
The Shredder has a great combination of size and strength to weight ratio and flipping action on par with the best in the business.
CIVIVI Knives T-Clip CA-04A Belt Clip
Designed by Bob Terzuola and functioning just like a Tek-Lok, the T-Clip is all the functionality at a fraction of the price.
CIVIVI Knives Trailblazer C2018 Slipjoint
The Trailblazer is ready to blaze a new path forward with a tough bolstered handle and stainless steel blade.
CIVIVI Knives Vexer C915 Flippers
When searching for a larger size EDC knife without breaking the bank, the Vexer might be the perfect knife for you.
CIVIVI Knives Wyvern C902 Flippers
The Wyvern is a KnifeCenter favorite for its smooth action, excellent ergonomics, and dragonskin texture that looks as good as it feels.