MKM Arvenis Flipper Knife
The Arvenis features elegant styling and superb fit and finish, so you can rest assured this beauty is built to perform.
MKM Cellina Slipjoint Folding Knife
The Cellina's pointy blade evokes an ancient arrow and the darts of light that accompany Maniago's river as it flows along its chalky, pebbly bed.
MKM Clap Flipper Knife
The Clap features a removable flipper tab allowing it to become a two-hand opener to be used and enjoyed by people all over the world.
MKM Colvera Flipper Knife
The Colvera is a stylish EDC tool with excellent ergonomics and a removable flipper tab so this knife can be used two-handed in restrictive localities.
MKM Fara Slipjoint Folding Knife
The Fara pairs a classic clip point blade with an ergonomic handle that slides in and out of the leather belt sheath with ease.
MKM Flame Flipper Knife
The Flame is a production collaboration between MKM and custom knifemaker Michael Zieba based on his popular MS3 Manhattan Special executive folding knife.
MKM Isonzo Folding Knife
Thanks to the oversized lanyard hole, this handy pocketknife can be attached to your gear by means of a carabiner which makes it an ideal tool for mountain climbing or hiking.
MKM Jouf Fixed Blade
The Jouf is a multi-purpose fixed blade large enough to handle all the necessary cutting tasks while remaining compact enough to have with you at all times
MKM Malga 6 Multi-Tool
The Malga 6 is an innovative multi-tool knife, combining the utility functionality of multiple tools with the high cutting performances of superior steel.
MKM Mercury Knives Jens Anso Root Slipjoints
The Root is a collection of four of the top knife manufacturers in Italy working together to consolidate and strengthen their commercial contributions to foreign markets.
MKM Mikro Neck Knives
The Mikro is a neck knife with class, coming from Vox and MKM with a magnetic closure leather sheath.
MKM Raut Flipper Knife
The Raut is available in two flipping configurations and its robust build and reverse tanto blade make it perfect for hard use everyday carry tasks.
MKM Sheaths
Sheaths sold separately for your MKM folding knives available here.
MKM Timavo Series
Jesper Voxnaes has an absolute winner with the Timavo design, a simply superb knife for everyday carry.