CJRB Agave Flipper
The modified sheepsfoot blade of the Agave flipper is an excellent balance of form and function.
CJRB Barranca Flipper Knives
The broad sheepsfoot blade and comfortable handle of the Barranca flipper make it a clear winner in our books.
CJRB Cutlery Briar Flipper Knife
A slim gentleman's knife with a quick snap and a firm grip.
CJRB Cutlery Centros Folding Knife
The narrow blade of the Centros gives it the versatility to handle most cutting tasks, while still being able to handle delicate chores.
CJRB Cutlery Crag Flipper Knife
The Crag's large modified sheepsfoot blade, when combined with the solid ergonomics of the handle, provides great cutting power.
CJRB Cutlery Gobi Flipper
A slim flipper with a lot of curve, the Gobi is fast and functional.
CJRB Cutlery Kicker Flippers
The Kicker from CJRB hits all the design features of an ideal EDC blade and we absolutely adore it.
CJRB Cutlery Kinetic-Flip Multi-Tool AUTO
The Kinetic-Flip is a unique combination of a butterfly knife, automatic knife and multi-tool - now available at a bargain price point!
CJRB Cutlery Rampart Flipper
The Rampart flipper knife has a slim handle with a surprisingly broad Wharncliffe blade.
CJRB Cutlery Taiga Flipper Knife
The Taiga is a solid, all-purpose, EDC knife that brings high performance for a great price.
CJRB Cutlery Talla Flipper Knife
A mid-size flipper with a solid bite due to its large bellied sheepsfoot blade.
CJRB Feldspar Folding Knives
Available in two sizes, the Feldspar is a simple design that is effective in multiple theaters of use.
CJRB Mangrove Flipper Knife
The Mangrove flipper is an intriguing knife with excelletn ergonomics that is not short on style whatsoever.
CJRB Ria Folding Knives
The Ria is ideal for daily carry and is priced so well that you can get a second to throw in a go-bag or a car so you always have a cutting edge close at hand.
CJRB Swaggs Maileah Folding Knives
The Maileah folding knife combines a versatile profile with attractive aesthetics and excellent ergonomics for a knife you will want to carry and use.