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C.A.S. features the best in decorative as well as functional Medieval and Japanese weaponry. Included are rapiers, helmets, shields and targes, suits of armor and other accessories. They offer the fine products made at the Hanwei forge under the direction of the renowned sword maker, Paul Chen, also known as Chen Chao Po.
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Highlighted Text and Images Below Are Linked To Selections of Items With Prices and Availability

Oriental style swords
You can also list T'ai Chi Swords, Katanas, and Wakizashis
and Tantos
European style swords both decorative and usable.
Also see our Viking weapons or our Scottish swords which include William Wallace swords.
And don't miss CAS's fully usable Scimitar. Also see our collection of Roman items for the collector and reenactor.
CAS Iberia fantasy weapons including Swords and Daggers
You can visit our fantasy page HERE
Gladius is a major manufacturer of swords and daggers in Toledo Spain that are imported by CAS Iberia
Paul Chen designed and co-designed knives for collectors.
Including collaborations with Bob Moran and Ron Lake.
Including swords and other reproductions, U.S. Civil War Collectibles .
Also available is a great reproduction of George Washington's Sword
Unique Belt Buckel Knife
Hanwei Slider Buckle Knife With Stainless Steel Blade And Belt
Spanish Bull Whips
Reasonable quality, low cost whips for decoration or light use.
Letter Openers
We offer several unique styles of letter openers
Decorator swords that are attractive and affordable
A large variety daggers ranging from fantasy to historically accurate.
World War II reproduction knives from Hanwei. We offer a less expensive model of the pictured knife from United HERE
Reproduction helmets from all areas of history. The oriental models (as pictured) are beautifully created with amazing detail. You can list all our helmets HERE. Also available is a Mitten Gauntlet.
Rapiers and Rapier Accessories for the collector, reenactor, or history buff
Plus, a variety of miniature Suits of Armor.
Canes and staff swords.
We offer several from CAS and a larger selection HERE
Paul Chen Axes both functional and decorative
Herald's Trumpet
A working model shown with optional Banner
Paul Chen Battle Mace
A 7-flanged mace is typical of those used throughout Europe. We have other battle maces
Desk Accessories
Some fun items for any desk. You can also list our desktop miniature cannons
Paul Chen Spear Heads
Hand crafted, forged steel spear heads like none others!
Display items
We offer several from CAS and a full sword display selection HERE
For the reenactors and fighters CAS provides a great arrangement of sheaths.
Hanwei Renaissance Scissors/Bodice dagger
An early styler of scissors with 6" blades
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