Many people ask us to mail them a catalog so that they can see our entire selection. In keeping with our policy of offering the finest products available, we offer a very large beautifully printed color catalog with a very wide selection so that our customers can have the very finest reference available.

Our Catalog "B"

OUR NEW CATALOG HAS ARRIVED. It has almost 450 full color pages and 2-1/2 lbs. of knives and accessories. It is a real work of art. New in this issue are EDI knives, Marto swords, and lots more

We are offering this catalog for $10 delivered within the USA and $17 internationally (Global Priority Mail)

We don't include a price sheet with the catalogs. All items in the "B" catalog are marked at their retail price and you are welcome to check the KnifeCenter on the Web or call for current pricing.

CATALOG "C" $6.00
$10 Internationally (Global Priority Mail)

Includes: The CAS Iberia Sword and Accessory Catalog and The New Art Gladius Catalog

A complete picture catalog of the CAS Iberia sword selection. Items have the specifications and a little history about them. The KnifeCenter sells many swords not in this catalog, but this is a nice reference to have. The new Gladius catalog is a very well done, glossy collection of a lot of new items as well as old.

Catalog B and the CAS and the Gladius CATALOGS FOR $13.
Internationally, they must be ordered separately since they will not fit into a Global Priority Envelope.

Use Our On-Line Ordering System (the button below) or
Send Check or Money Order to:

The KnifeCenter of the Internet
P.O. Box 600
College Park, Md. 20740
Studio 301 486 0901 Orders 1-800 338-6799
FAX 1-301 486 0908

Catalog Credit Program

We will issue you $5.00 credit towards a catalog when you have ordered $100 in merchandise from us and another $5.00 when you have ordered another $100. These are heavy books and to save the shipping expense, if you want to order a catalog and already have the accumulated credit, we will ship it with your next order.

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