Fathers Day Gifts Father's Day
Father's Day Gift Suggestions from the Knife Center:
Your dad can be one of the most difficult people to buy gifts for. He raised you, and giving him another tie just doesn't seem like enough. That is why we have created this list of our favorite Father's Day gifts.
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Fathers Day Gift Ideas:
Fixed and Folding Pocket Knives Under 25 Dollars
Fixed and Folding Pocket Knives Under 50 Dollars
Fixed and Folding Pocket Knives Under 100 Dollars
CarBee Knife Sharpener
CarBee Pocket Knife Sharpener
Every knife enthusiast needs a knife sharpener. The pocket sized CarBee allows you to take your sharpener on the go. Ensure that your dad's knives never experience a dull moment.
Groom Mate Nose Hair Trimmer
Groom Mate Nose Hair Trimmer
This Groom Mate product is a conveniently sized nose hair trimmer that does not require batteries.
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Burt's Bees for Men
Burt's Bees for Men
Burt's Bees uses all natural ingredients to create cleaning and grooming products. Pamper your dad with this line of products designed specifically for men.
Knife Suggestions:
Pearl Handled Pocket Knives
Pearl Handled Pocketknives
Pearl handles are an elegant look for a knife. This is the perfect way to tell your dad how classy you think he is.
Wood Handled Pocketknives
Wood Handled Knives
Wood handles look great and feel great in your hand. These are perfect for the dad who wants something that looks nice, and will be used every day.
Bone and Stag Handled Pocket Knives
Bone and Stag Handled Knives
Bone and stag are classic handle materials. These are great gifts for the nostalgic dad, or just the dad who enjoys a classic look.
Damascus Bladed Fixed Knives and Folding Pocketknives
Damascus Blades
There is nothing quite like a damascus blade. The folding techniques used create a beautiful, exotic appearance that makes for a unique gift.
Limited Edition Fixed and Folding Pocketknives
Limited Edition Knives
Let your dad know that you think he is one of a kind with one of our limited edition knives.
Assisted Opening Pocket Knives
Assisted Opening Pocketknives
These knives open quickly, allowing you to get to your work quickly. For the dad with a fast paced lifestyle.
Department Suggestions:
Camping and Survival Tools and Knives
Camping and Survival
We have everything the outdoorsman might want or need. If your dad enjoys being in the great outdoors, any of these would make great gifts.
Shaving and Personal Grooming Products
Shave Center
From unique colognes to good old fashioned straight edge razors, we have all the grooming supplies a man might want. Pamper your father with high quality personal grooming products.
Knife Sharpening
Sharpening Center
Anyone who owns a knife needs a sharpener. This is a collection of the best sharpening stones and systems we have found.
Other Suggestions:
Multi Multitools
Multitools take all of the tools you might need in a day-to-day emergency and put them in a single tool. Everyone should own one of these, just in case, and that includes your dad.
Swiss Army Tools
Swiss Army
For many people, Swiss Army knife is synonymous with pocketknife. Your dad is an original, so get him the original. Try the Classic SD series, which comes in a variety of colors and designs.
Credit Card Tools
Credit Card Tools
These tools put many commonly needed tools in a card that can fit in your wallet. Make sure your dad is never without these tools.
Fathers Day Key Ring Gifts
Key Ring Items
From classic pocketknives which just happen to have key ring loops, to miniature multitools, these are great gifts for dad. You can also find all of our key ring items here.
Money Clip Pocketknife
Money Clips
If your wallet is taking up too much room in your pocket, money clips are an attractive alternative. Many of these incorporate knives and tools into the money clip.
Tactical Pens
Tactical Pens
Tactical pens are a great way to carry a defensive weapon without raising too much attention. When you are not needing to defend your life, they are attractive and capable pens.