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KnifeCenter Rescue Knives
We offer a variety of rescue knives available from several manufacturers. Some have windshield tools. You can separately list our rescue folding knives and the rescue fixed blade knives
FireFighter Knives
We have a variety of knives specifically designed for firef ighters
Benchmade Rescue Hook Knives
Very specialized and easy to carry, these can save a life
Needed in many high-security situations, we offer a great selection. Included are top-of-the-line products as well as a bunch of high quality and affordable items.
Pepper Spray
For everyone concerned with personal safety and security; now you can protect yourself with safe, humane and effective self defense devices. Mace products have been proven to be effective and easy to carry.
Entry Tools
Police and military often need a strong axe-like tool for breaking down barriers. We have a variety of entry tools that will do the job.
Hatch Products Including Safety Gloves
Hatch has always been responsive to the needs of customers and workers. As a result, they offer specialty gloves designed for specific and multi-purpose applications. We also offer hatch
pads, sleeves, goggles, gear bagsand hoods
Security Whistle
Almost everyone, from small children to seniors, can benefit from a security whistle. We may have several to choose from.