AlexLakas Lakas-I

Book vs. Movie
Fahrenheit 451

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In order to make a good movie out of a book, producers tend to alter a book a ew way

to make the movie. Some people know that when making a book into a movie, producers usually
make each page of that book equal to one minute in a movie. Movies are usually between ninety
five and one hundred-twenty minutes long. If the book is under or longer than one hundred
twenty pages, then it will probably have to be modified and changed a little. The producers added
and subtracted footage to make the movie version of Fahrenheit 451 seem more exciting or
interesting. After reading and then watching the movie Fahrenheit 45 1, 1 noticed some of these
differences between the two of them. The minor differences in the book compared to the same
difference he I

the movie did not affect the outcome of either ending.

There were not that many differences from the movie to the book. One of the first differences I noticed was that the movie left out Faber. That left Montag without someone to help him realize what books were like and how they can change a person's life. In the movie, the character who took Faber's place was Clarisse. She was the one who showed Montag that books are a thing of art and beauty and that they should not be burned. I noticed that Montag's wife was named Linda in the movie. In the book, she was named Mildred. In the book, Montag actually shows his wife where he hid his books in the radiator. In the movie she finds his books while waking up in the middle of the night to his page turning (while he is reading a book secretly). She gets frantic and asks him several questions on why he has come be a book reader.

Overall, the message of the story was about censorship. It was all about people having freedom of speech and being able to express themselves without being told they are wrong or stupid. It is usually all about the media just not agreeing with what some authors have to say in

Lakas-2 the books. The main message in this story is that you should go by what you believe in. You should not go by what other people tell you to do. In the coda of Fahrenheit 45 1, Ray Bradbury experiences some conflict with others who do not approve of some of his stories. For example, his book The Martian Chronicles, someone accused him of writing about black people as though they were "Uncle Toms" and he talked about women very little and some people didn't agree with that. They wanted him to rewrite it, but he didn't want to. Others had the opposite view. Some thought "the entire story should be dropped" (Bradbury 175). Without Bradbury's knowledge, the publisher's edited his story and took out "75 sections" of the novel to make it suitable for the audience, not knowing it already was, but just not to some. This will show you what people can do if the majority of them don not agree with something that is of an offensive nature. These statements were to show you what kind of messages other people get after reading his books and how they react to them.