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Think you might recognize me? Maybe our paths have crossed. Here are some of the "hotspots" in my life
Washington, D.C. -Shepherd Elementary, Western Junior High, Walt Whitman HS in Bethesda, MD
Essaouira and Diabat, The Pudding Shop, Lake Van, Chicken Street, Manali,
University of Northern Colorado in Greeley,
Atitlan, Cali, Puno, George Washington University, Wash. D.C.
Sandpoint, Helena, Puna - Kilauea, Telephone Exchange Rd
Telegraph Ave ,Santa Cruz, Ca, Camp Verde, AZ, Vienna, Illinois, Bisbee, AZ
College Park, MD and now Frederickburg, Virginia
In case you're interested, I'm doing well, have a lovely wife, 2 kids, one perfect grandson! - and twentyfour employees and never felt better in my life.

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