Sharpening With A DMT (Diamond Machining Technology) Diamond Whetstone

Instructions For Use

  • Apply a sprinkle of water to the diamond surface
  • With cutting edge away from you, hold blade at a 20 degree angle to the whetstone surface
  • The blade should be pushed across the surface, edge first. Sharpening the blade into the edge forms the best edge. Stroke one side of the blade from edge tip to edge heel in long strokes.
  • Sharpen other side of blade from heel to tip. Alternating directions in this manner will sharpen both sides evenly.

Most dull blades will resharpen with several strokes depending on knife dullness, knife material and pressure used.

Pocket sharpeners should be held at one edge and the blade stroked safely away from the fingers holding the sharpener. Maintain the 20 degree angle to the surface, sharpen into the blade edge and alternate sides as with larger Diamond Whetstone sharpener.

Test sharpness by cutting paper, food, wood, etc. Wash and wipe after use for appearance and sanitation. The small particles removed in the sharpening process may rust if left on the sharpener.

These instructions were furnished by DMT