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Aroundsquare AO2 Silicone Everyman Begleri, Orange with Stainless Steel Core - ESSSO

Part #: AO2EMSSO | Aroundsquare Ltd (AO2)


This product is no longer available
AO2EMSSO: Everyman Silicone Begleri, Orange
Aroundsquare AO2
Silicone is a rubber material that can be molded, stretched, compressed, and will return to its initial shape. The Everyman SI series is molded from high-grade silicone. It has a moderately tacky/sticky feel, somewhat like a baby teether or rubber super ball. This texture is not optimal for begleri play, because the beads do not slide as easily through the fingers as do other materials; however, this can be compensated for by slightly increasing the string length, applying a bit of chalk, or just adjusting the timing of your tricks. It is worth noting, however, that the tackiness of the beads can work to the player's advantage in some tricks, such as bead rolls, and aerial catches, where the beads might otherwise slip from the hand. 

The main advantage of the silicone, the killer feature and the raison d'être of these beads, is that they are nearly silent during play. They were originally envisaged as "silencers". The Everyman SI. The silicone material dampens any impact noises, thus letting babies continue napping, housemates continue talking, and partners continue listening to their favorite sweet tunes uninterrupted. Drops are also substantially muted by the silicone beads but note that depending on the what Hardcore beads are used, there is a chance that the metal cores will impact floors and make the familiar drop sounds. The "safest" setup noise-wise is two micro hydras inside each silicone shell because they are fully recessed making it nearly impossible for them to impact the floor if dropped. The micro-standards countersink completely and are flush with the end of the silicone. The end caps, on the other hand, have a wide flange and will make noise when they hit together or hit the floor.

Silicone is very robust as far as rubberized materials are concerned, and the material can take a lot of stress, drops, and regular wear. Over time, however, punctures and scratches may develop. The silicone can be scratched and cut if dropped on rough surfaces but is robust enough to withstand extensive use under normal conditions. The Everyman silicone shells are made with colored silicone material, meaning the colors penetrate the material completely (i.e., they are not coatings). 

General Info on the Everyman Design

The Everyman series, is Aroundsquare's most refined begleri design to date. The design of the beads is simple, intentionally "average", hence the Everyman name. It borrows some of the best elements of both the Titans and the Hydras, and integrates them in a fresh shape. It's bigger than one, and smaller than the other. It's nothing bizarre. It's just normal. It's average. It's the Everyman. 

The Everyman bead design updates the shape of the conventional "Standard Issue" Greek begleri for modern technical begleri play. The sloping top of the beads helps prevent the string from jamming up during rolls, like the rounded tops of the Titans. Like the Hydras, it features straight angles which help with grip and bead control, as well as a compact size which makes the beads nimble during play. While the beads are relatively small, at 17 mm by 17 mm, they feel substantial in the hand due to the angles, and even with their relatively lighter weight, the Everyman AL, Delrin, and Silicone beads nonetheless perform very well.
  • Dimensions: 0.67" x 0.67" (17 mm x 17 mm)
  • Material: Silicone with Stainless Steel Core
  • Finish: Orange 
  • Weight: 0.36 oz. (10.1 g)
  • Made in Canada


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