Aroundsquare AO2 Crude Country Hydra Titanium Begleri, Business Class Gold and Black Shinobi PVD Mix

Part #: AO2HYDRANTICC | Aroundsquare Ltd (AO2)


This product is no longer available
AO2HYDRANTICC: Hydra Begleri, Crude Country
Aroundsquare AO2
Aroundsquare's Hydra Begleri are a fun yet highly capable modern adaptation of the traditional Greek multi-bead begleri. All of the Hydra sets have multiple interchangeable beads, allowing for interesting color combinations and some customization of weight. This Crude Country includes two black Shinobi and two Business Class Gold PVD coated versions of the original Hydra titanium begleri.

The Hydras are extremely playable, and despite their cylindrical shape, are surprisingly adept - particularly in the four bead configuration. The shape of the beads makes them particularly well-suited for two-handed tricks and transfers. They are less solid and somewhat quieter than heavier single-bead designs, and the multiple beads add a nice "fiddle factor" to each set. The slight rounding of all edges on the beads adds the overall feel.

The titanium version comes with four beads, precision-machined from grade five titanium, weighing in at around 0.25 ounces (7 g) per bead, for a total of around one ounce (28 g) per set. The beads themselves are 0.63" (16 mm) in diameter and 0.31" (8 mm) thick, making for a 0.63" x 0.63" (16 mm x 16 mm) stack at either end. While this dimension sounds small compared to the 0.79" (20 mm) Titans, and the 0.87" (22 mm) Wukongs, the more angular shape of the Hydras makes them feel and play larger than their measurement would suggest. The titanium Hydras come with several extra strings, a canvas carry bag, an info card, and a slick little gift box.

About the PVD Coating

Titanium can be anodized like aluminum, but the range of colors is limited, and the anodized finish is similar in durability to that of anodized aluminum. Physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating is a process that creates a much more robust coloring. In addition, because titanium is much harder than aluminum, scratches and nicks are less likely to show up. In general, the PVD coatings "age" more gracefully than anodized aluminum.

Aroundsquare works to identify and use the best available materials and processes, but all colors are prone to wear after extended use and drops. Players literally beat these beads against each other for hours each day. The colorings are not painted on, and do not "chip", but they are very thin, and will show scratches and nicks over time, especially if dropped on rough surfaces like concrete.

Colors may not be exactly as shown, and look different in different lighting. There may be slight blemishes, and some are lighter or darker than others. They've manually pulled out any significant flaws in our quality control process, but we haven't concerned ourselves with minor discolorations, because once they are out of the box you're going to be hammering them and dropping them. Right? The colors of the cloth bags and extra strings depend on availability and may not be as shown.
  • Dimensions: 0.63" x 0.63" (16 mm x 16 mm)
  • Material: Titanium
  • Finish: Business Class Gold and Shinobi Black PVD
  • Weight: 1.0 oz. (28 g)
  • Made in Canada


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