Arno Industries Carbcut 2 Handheld Carbide Sharpener 6" Long - AOCARB

Part #: AOCARB | Arno Sharpeners


This product is no longer available
CARBCUT2 Solid Carbide Sharpener 2 inserts with leather case and instructions
These are great to put fast edges on pocket knives, kitchen knives, garden and agricultural tools, axes, scissors, pruners, etc. in fact most any edge tool at all.
--They don't need water or oil, so that they can be carried easily in the pocket and used in any situation.
--The tool of forged aluminium has two specially diamond ground carbide inserts, one "V" for sharpening and one helicoidal, for finishing and light touch up sharpening. Excellent quality graphic instructions are included but the tool is simply slightly tilted against the blade edge and light stroking will produce an sharp edge quickly! You can hear and feel the edge being ground!
--the forged aluminium handle includes integral hilt guards to keep your fingers safe, a handle indent for thumb placement, and a hole in the end of the handle for easy hanging. Hard anodized the handle is waterproof and resists well to outside and inside conditions. --though this tool does not sharpen "automatically", it has a great advantage over such tools in that it can be easily held to sharpen a given blade just at the factory angle and can be used on a much greater variety of tools from small to big.
--the included soft split leather pouch protects your Carbcut in your pocket or when in your storage box.


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