Benchmade Paracord Lanyard with Benchmade Butterfly Logo Bead - 988732F

Part #: BM988732F | Benchmade Knives


This product is no longer available
BM988732F: Paracord Lanyard with Bead
Nothing sets off your favorite knife quite like a custom lanyard. This attractive accessory comes straight from Benchmade and features a metallic bead sporting their famous Benchmade Butterfly logo. Contrasting colors of flattened black and gray paracord are woven together in a spiral pattern, making for an intriguing texture.

Use this lanyard to jazz up the look of your blade, make it easier to find in a pack or bag, or to extend the usable handle length, especially useful on smaller blades.
  • Woven Length with Bead: 3.125"
  • Overall Length: 6.50"
  • Diameter: 0.50"


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