Buck EdgeTek Dual Pocket Stone 4" Diamond 2-Sided Sharpening Stone - 6241


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BU97076: EdgeTek Dual Pocket Stone Sharpener, 2 Sided

Buck Knives

With a continued commitment to providing the best tools for the outdoor industry, Buck enhanced their accessory line to include new, American made sharpeners. This wide offering covers all blades from fishhooks to kitchen cutlery. Designed to be easy to use and carry, these sharpeners will make sure no one is left without an edge.

The EdgeTek Pocket Stones offer a slim, lightweight and easy carry sharpener with a 100% diamond coated flat surface. Designed for quick and easy sharpening in the field, they are easily carried in a plastic sheath. This line offers a medium one-sided stone and dualstone with medium and coarse grit to handle many blade types.


  • 100% diamond coated sharpening surface
  • Medium and coarse grit options available
  • Single and dual surface options
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Thin black plastic protective sheath
  • Forever Warranty


  • Overall Size: 4" x 1.25"
  • Grit: Medium 750 and Coarse 325
  • Weight: 1.3 oz. (36.9 g)
  • Made in the USA

UPC Code: 033753115653

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Buck Knives, Multi-Tools Series, Diamond Handle Material, Knife Sharpeners, Knife Sharpeners Medium/Coarse Grit, Made in USA

Made in USA
Buck EdgeTek Dual Pocket Stone 4" Diamond 2-Sided Sharpening Stonerated 5.000 stars out of 5 (3 reviews)
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Buck EdgeTek Dual Pocket Stone 4" Diamond 2-Sided Sharpening Stone
rated 5 stars out of 5
Sergio V
Santa Fe, NM
Mar 06, 2017
Pros: Durability, Effectiveness, Overall Quality
Cons: Ease of Use, None
Portable sharpening
This is a very good item to own and have accessible, whether you keep it at home, shop or carry in your pocket or backpack. Because the Buck Pocket Stone is so compact, I have found it, in my experience, easier to work the thin stone against the blade, rather than the other way around, for when the stone is held with one's fingers, the stone's surface area is further reduced.
Buck EdgeTek Dual Pocket Stone 4" Diamond 2-Sided Sharpening Stone
rated 5 stars out of 5
Aug 05, 2016
Pros: Durability, Ease of Use, Effectiveness, Overall Quality
Cons: None
If you Hunt you need this
My 2-Sided Diamond Buck pocket stone showed up two weeks ago I looked it over though seams to be a good stone. first day of deer season Aug 1 I dropped four Bucks before noon! now the work began, about half way through the second Buck the edge on my knife seemed to be loading up with fat an a little dull, then I remembered I had taped that new stone to my sheath :) after a few strokes the edge was back. those four Bucks will be a day to remember , an that stone will be something I never forget at home.
Buck EdgeTek Dual Pocket Stone 4" Diamond 2-Sided Sharpening Stone
rated 5 stars out of 5
Oakland, CA
May 27, 2014
Pros: Effectiveness, Overall Quality, Ease of Use
Cons: None
Good Quality
I just got the EdgeTek dual flat pocket stone. It has 325 grit/750grit on either side. I think it is a very good price for a pocket diamond stone. The diamond surfaces look sufficiently uniform and the plastic sheath is serviceable..My measurements are 3-15/16" long by 1-1/4" wide by 0.050" thick (99.5 mm x 31 mm x 1.25 mm). Weight is 1-1/4 oz., or 36 grams. It is truly a pocket friendly size and weight. I think it is big enough for most sharpening jobs. It can be laid flat on a table, or held in hand, depending on your style and the tool being sharpened.I used it to clean up the edge of my Henkels chef's knife (of regular cutlery stainless steel), which had small chips. The 325 grit was actually too coarse for a sharpened blade, and the 750 did a fast job of leaving behind a usable edge. I did use ceramic rods to further refine the edge. I can see using the 325 grit to work on axes and machetes. After use, it is recommend to wash the stone with water.This was money well spent. I love small items that are just big enough to get the job done. The EdgeTek pocket diamond stone feels like a quality product with versatility to serve me well for a long time.


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