Custom Knife Factory Anton Malyshev Custom Otvert Interchangeable Hex Bit Driver, Timascus and Zirconium, 4.25" Overall

Part #: CKFOTVERT | Custom Knife Factory


This product is no longer available
CKFOTVERT: Anton "Tohus" Malyshev Otvert Hex Bit Driver
Custom Knife Factory
Custom Knife Factory might sound like an ambiguous name but it's definitely one worth remembering. Their knives are mid-tech by definition but the quality definitely borders on full custom. They have a CNC machine shop in China that does some of the leg work but all the hand fit and finishing is done in-house in their Moscow shop. They use top-of-the-line materials made in the USA and designs from some of the most talented knife designers in Russia.

The CKF Otvert Custom Hex Bit Driver was designed by Anton "Tohus" Malyshev to always get the job done. If you've ever handled cheaply made bit drivers before, you'll know how unreliable they are. You'll want to invest in the proper tools because it'll make everything easier for you and why not go all the way and get the best that money can buy?

The Otvert is fitted with a special bearing, which makes it incredibly reliable and easy to use. Just fit the cylindrical tail end onto the palm of your hand, and rotate the driver using just your fingers. This driver sports a useful knurling pattern at the top to increase grip and precision. The sleek zirconium and timascus materials sport a fancy top-of-the-line look, perfectly primed to work on your safe queen knives. Finally, the tip is broached with a magnet to fit 1/4" Hex bits.

If you're a knife fanatic (also CKF a bit) and enjoy tinkering with your favorite folding knife, this Hex bit driver will make your task incredibly easy for you, all in style.
  • Overall Length: 4.25"
  • Materials: Machined Timascus and Zirconium
  • Body Thickness: 0.63"
  • Knob Thickness: 1.02"
  • Weight: 3.4 oz.
  • Designer: Anton "Tohus" Malyshev
  • Magnetic Tip
  • Includes 6 1/4" Hex Bits
  • Handmade in Moscow, Russia
Custom Made Knife
Custom Made Knife Custom knives are hand made in shops around the world. These will typically be extremely high quality and one of a kind pieces meticulously built by the craftsman.


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