Camillus Les Stroud Signature Survivorman Endure Personal Survival Kit, 25 Piece Kit - 19259

Part #: CM19259 | Camillus Knives


This product is no longer available
CM19259: Les Stroud Personal Survival Kit, 25 Piece Set
25 piece kit contains: 4" candle; matches; food bar; survival whistle; (2) safety pins; (3) fire pellets; bandana; signaling mirror; compass; emergency tape; survival blanket; fishing kit; (1) roll of surveyor tape; 20ft-550lb paracord; compact flashlight; (2) fire tinder; (2) large orange shelter bags; (2) water purification tablets; mosquito net; fire starter and match striker; (2) water storage bags (2qt); stainless lockable pot 1.5L (appx. 1500ml, can be used to boil water); waterproof notebook and pencil. Black nylon carrying case with Velcro strap. Made in China.


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