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CRKDVD: The Exquisite Blade - The Legend of Chris Reeve Knives Vol. 1
Chris Reeve Knives
During April 2006, a group of journalists from Taiwan spent a couple of weeks making a DVD about Chris Reeve Knives.

There are some inaccuracies and CRK might have chosen to do some scenes differently, but the DVD gives an idea of what CRK is about (and a peek into Chris and Anne's personal lives too!)

Now, years later, much has changed at CRK. They moved to a new premises in 2008, no longer make the One Piece Range of knives and their family of products has changed in other areas. However, there is interesting history in the DVD and customers continue to ask for it.

Please enjoy "The Exquisite Blade" bearing these factors in mind!

Length: 170 minutes. 2 Disc.

UPC Code: KNLD0001


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