Cold Steel 88PK Steven Seagal Signature Katana 33" Damascus Blade, Lacquered Wood Scabbard

Part #: CS88PK | Cold Steel Knives


This product is no longer available
CS88PK: 88PK Steven Seagal Signature Katana
Cold Steel
This Japanese sword is inspired by an antique original from the collection of Mr. Steven Seagal.

The extra wide, deeply curved Tachi-style, distal tapered and convex ground blade is made from Damascus steel and deferentially hardened with a clay tempered Hamon and a distinctive peaked Iori Mune spine. 

The Tsuba, Fuchi and Minuki all feature a Vajra – symbolizing both the strength of a diamond and the force of a thunderbolt, while also representing enlightenment. The handle is bound in pure white samé (ray-skin) and wrapped with black silk, while the simple black lacquered Saya securely protects the exquisite blade inside! This astounding and unusual sword represents the highest levels of production blade manufacturing, rivaling many custom swords in quality, materials and performance.
  • Item Number: 88PK
  • Blade Length: 33"
  • Overall Length: 46"
  • Blade Material: Damascus
  • Blade Thickness: 0.31" (8 mm)
  • Handle Material: Ray Skin with Black Braid Cord
  • Scabbard Material: Black Lacquered Wood
  • Weight: 48.4 oz.
Damascus Steel
Damascus Steel A layered steel that can be either carbon or stainless. The finished blade is acid etched to give it a unique design. Damascus is known for its toughness, and edge holding capabilities.


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