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EC2000: Chef's Choice Commercial 2 Stage Electric Diamond Sharpener
The Chef’sChoice Commercial Electric Knife Sharpener Model 2000 is a high-performance NSF certified sharpener developed especially for use in heavy duty commercial kitchen use in restaurants, hotels, food service establishments, clubs and grocery chains. It’s easy to use and creates a longer-lasting, sharper cutting edge.

The unique edge geometry produced by the Chef’sChoice sharpener’s 2-Stage patented sharpening process gives the knife extraordinary "bite" plus the durability to stay sharp up to three times longer than conventionally sharpened knives. Safe for quality knives, the Chef’sChoice Model 2000 never detempers and removes only dust to create a shaving-sharp edge.

Removable Sharpening Module:

In addition, the Chef’sChoice sharpening module can be removed quickly and easily for cleaning and sanitizing at the sink in a dishwasher: a crucial capability for today’s safety-conscious food service kitchen.

Fast And Easy To Use:

The Chef’sChoice Commercial Sharpener Model 2000 is incredibly fast. It can sharpen a typical knife in about 45 seconds and resharpen in just 15 seconds—at least two- to three times faster than other sharpeners. It sharpens the entire blade length of kitchen knives from the smallest paring knife to the largest chef’s knife and cleaver. Built-in precision angle guides assure the correct sharpening angle and pressure and eliminate guesswork making it easier to use than any other sharpener.

Knives become dull, not because the edge wears away and becomes blunt but because the edge folds over. The Model 2000 uses a 2-Stage process to create an arch-shaped edge which resists folding (stays sharp) up to three times longer than conventional hollow-ground or “V”-shaped edges. In addition, the Chef’sChoice® sharpener creates microscopic grooves along the facets of the ultrasharp fine edge that give the knife extraordinary “bite.” This special edge helps take the drudgery out of prep table and routine chopping chores because it combines the smooth cutting of a keen fine edge with the lateral cutting action of the microgrooved facets.

How It Works:

In Stage 1, rotating cone-shaped disks plated with 100-percent diamond abrasives remove the old weak edge and produce the first bevel. Simultaneously, microscopic grooves are created along each facet. In the second (honing) stage, rotating cone-shaped polymer disks containing a proprietary mix of ultra-fine abrasives polish the edge creating the second bevel and a burr-free ultra-sharp, 20-degree edge. These polymer disks act much like a barber strop to finely hone the knife edge. The honing stage retains the microgrooves created in Stage 1 giving the edge remarkable “bite.”

In both stages, transparent plastic springs hold the knife securely in place against precision guides to ensure perfect control of the sharpening angle for each and every stroke. The diamond abrasive sharpening disks and the proprietary
honing section will never detemper quality knives and remove only dust to reshape the edge.

The securely mounted sharpening module slides off the sharpener with the push of a button so it can be cleaned and sanitized at the sink or in a dishwasher. All parts of the module are dishwasher safe and corrosion resistant. The sharpening module requires no dressing: no oils or other fluids are needed. The sharpening disks will not load up or glaze over.

Designed to meet stringent U.S. and European electrical standards and safety requirements, the Chef’sChoice® Diamond Hone® Commercial Knife Sharpener Model 2000 has been engineered and field tested for long life and high performance in the rugged environment of commercial kitchens. It is available in both 110 volt and 220-volt models.

Enclosed in a high-strength polymer housing, the quiet, continuous duty motor powers a stainless steel shaft and sintered stainless fittings. Sturdy high-tack rubber feet hold the sharpener securely to the work surface. The unit is compact (about 12-inches long by 6-inches high and 6-inches deep) to fit even the most crowded kitchen.
  • A commercial sharpener for 20-degree class knives, designed to meet the needs of the commercial kitchen
  • Fast—uses diamond abrasives for hairsplitting sharpness, in seconds
  • Easy to use
  • Detachable sharpening module removes easily for cleaning in dishwasher or sink
  • Sharpens straight edge and serrated knives
  • 2-Stages—create double-bevel edges that stay sharp longer
  • Precision angle guides for ease of use and edge control
  • NSF certified

UPC Code: 087877020041

Made in USA
Made in USA This product is USA born and raised.


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