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EC270: Diamond Hone Hybrid Knife Sharpener
Chef'sChoice by EdgeCraft
The new, efficient 3-Stage Chef'sChoice® Diamond Hone® Hybrid® Model 270 is the most advanced Hybrid® yet, combining the acclaimed CrissCross™ sharpening technology and electric and manual sharpening stages that provide superior edge geometry and razor sharp edges on both straight edge and serrated knives including household and kitchen knives, sports knives and pocket knives.

The Chef'sChoice CrissCross™ sharpening technology is praised by home cooks and professional chefs for its extremely sharp edge with lots of "bite." The diamond abrasive wheels sharpen simultaneously "into" and "out-of" the edge for a superior burr-free edge.

Featuring elegant and durable brushed stainless steel knife guides, Stages 1 and 2 are electric using 100% diamond abrasives for fast and easy edge shaping and sharpening. Stage 3 uses ultra fine diamond abrasive wheels for a polished, razor-sharp, arch-shaped edge that is stronger and more durable. Stage 3 also sharpens serrated edges. One year limited warranty. Engineered and assembled in the USA.

Designed for American electrical outlets. Voltage: 120V/60Hz.
  • Combines electric and manual sharpening for a razor-sharp edge
  • Uses 100% diamond abrasives in all 3 stages
  • Criss-Cross 3-stage technology for super sharp, long lasting edges
  • Sharpens kitchen, household, sports, and pocket knives
  • Straight and serrated edge compatible
3-Stage Advanced Hybrid Sharpening Technology:
  • Stage 1 - Sharpening: 100% Diamond abrasives create the first bevel.
  • Stage 2 - Honing: Finer diamond abrasives create the second bevel.
  • Stage 3 - Manual Polishing: Micron-size diamonds polish the edge to a razor-sharpness.

UPC Code: 087877102709

Made in USA
Made in USA This product is USA born and raised.


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