Chef's Choice Pronto Manual Diamond Hone Asian Knife Sharpener Model 463 - 4630100

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EC463: Pronto Manual Diamond Hone Asian Knife Sharpener 463
Chef's Choice
"Recommended" by Cook’s Illustrated, a leading consumer, and kitchen testing publication, the Chef's Choice Pronto Manual Diamond Hone Sharpener 463 is affordable, easy to use, quiet and extremely fast. It will put a flawless, extremely sharp, better than factory 15-degree edge on 15-degree class knives, including Santoku and other Asian-style double-sided knives contemporary Euro/American style knives.

The Chef's Choice 463 helps prolong the life of quality knives because it creates a super sharp 15˚ double-bevel arch-shaped edge that resists dulling longer than conventionally sharpened hollow-ground or "V-shaped" edges. Its fast and the edge that it applies is razor sharp and long- lasting with a "bite" that slices smoothly through both fibrous and non-fibrous foods.

Using the Chef's Choice perfected CrissCross technology; this 2-Stage sharpener develops an extremely sharp double-bevel edge with microscopic “teeth” along the entire cutting edge. These tiny teeth provide the "bite" on the edge and work to instantly engage the food for effortless cutting.

How It Works:

The Chef's Choice CrissCross sharpening technology uses 100% diamond abrasive wheels that simultaneously sharpen into and out of the knife’s edge on each side of the blade for a superior, burr-free razor sharp edge with a durable arch-shaped finish. On opposite sides of the edge, the sharpening lines combine to form the "crisscross" pattern that shapes the microscopic teeth.

Stage one sharpens the edge and sets the initial bevel using larger diamonds. Stage two, featuring micron-sized diamonds, completes the second bevel and delivers an ultra sharp, long lasting arch-shaped edge. Stage two is also designed to resharpen serrated knives.

The Chef's Choice Pronto features a "Soft Touch" ergonomic handle for an easy, secure grip and rubber feet for additional stability. Safe for all straight edge and serrated knives, it is small, compact and can be stored in a drawer or a backpack. It is ideal for home, office and outdoor activities. Engineered and assembled in the USA.
  • Professional Manual 3-Stage Sharpener for super sharp edges on all your knives (15° and 20° edges)
  • Separate sharpening and honing stages for razor sharp edges
  • Creates double beveled edges that last longer
  • 100% diamond abrasives in all 3 stages: Diamonds are the hardest known material, sharpen faster than any abrasives, create sharper edges and never heat or detemper the knife edge
  • Sharpens the entire blade length, tip to bolster or handle
  • Fast, safe, easy to guesswork
  • Safe for quality knives
  • Easy to use, right or left-handed
  • Ergonomic handle fits all hands
  • Slip resistant rubber feet hold fast to the work surface
Precise Bevel Control:
  • 15° Edge Andles: Santoku, Ryoba, and other double faceted Asian style knives. Use Stage 1 Sharpening followed by Stage 3 Honing.
  • 20° Edge Angles: Kitchen, Sports, and Pocket knives. Use Stage 2 Sharpening followed by Stage 3 Honing. 
  • Serrated Knives: Stage 3 sharpens, straightens, and aligns dull, bent teeth, creating razor sharp microblades along prominent teeth.

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Assembled in USA
Assembled in USA Assembled in the USA from US and/or foreign components.


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