Extrema Ratio Nemesis Folder 4.13" Black N690 Plain Blade, Black Aluminum Handles - EX136NEM


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EX136NEM: Nemesis Heavy Folder
Extrema Ratio
The structure of the Nemesis is similar to the MPC Multi Putpose Compact folder, one of the best tactical designs available. It is however more suitable for defensive use being lighter in weight and therefore more maneuverable. The blade is quite thick (1/4"), strong and sharp. The upper hilt prevents the hand from slipping onto the blade.

The blade is an Italian-style drop point version and has an upper hilt that works well with the profile of the blade. The handle, of generous size, allows for use with the blade closed, for applying pressure or non-lethal blows.

It has a manual security lock which works on the lever mechanism "back lock" thus preventing the blade block being pressed open accidentally during energetic use. This lock can also be used when the knife is closed to prevent the knife being opened if taken without authorization. In this case the knife cannot be opened even if the mechanism is often irrevocably damaged. The tang, in tempered steel, is efficacious for breaking glass and is provided with a hole for fixing on a security lace.
  • Blade Length: 4.13" (105 mm)
  • Blade Steel: Bohler N690 Stainless Steel, 58HRC
  • Thickness: 0.25" (6.3 mm)
  • Overall Length: 10.35" (263 mm)
  • Handle Material: Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Weight: 7.69 oz. (218 g)
  • Made in Italy

UPC Code: 000000135498

Pocket Clip
Pocket Clip Includes a pocket clip for easy accessibility and a more secure carry.
Lockback The lockback system has been used for many decades. It can usually be found on the knife spine and it provides a strong lockup that will wear well.
Aluminum Handles
Aluminum Handles A solid, lightweight material that can be molded, textured or anodized to provide better grip under extreme conditions.
Extrema Ratio Nemesis Folder 4.13" Black N690 Plain Blade, Black Aluminum Handlesrated 5.000 stars out of 5 (1 review)
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Extrema Ratio Nemesis Folder 4.13" Black N690 Plain Blade, Black Aluminum Handles
rated 5 stars out of 5
It's Sandy here
Sep 23, 2015
Pros: Overall Quality, Handle Material, Blade Sharpness, Blade Material, Handle Feel, Pocket Clip, Lock Type
Cons: Ease of Opening, Lock Ease of Use, None
I bought this knife to be a EDC heavy defense blade. With a 1/4 inch thick blade and a back lock so strong you WILL need two hands to break this knife lends to the user the confidence that what ever you choose to use this blade for will not with stand it's strength. With the deep grip recesses at the mock hilt it lends the user a stone firm grip when stabbing even the densest of materials. The blade steel holds a mirror razor's edge through all the abusive treatment it has endured at my hands. If it were not for the fortitude this knife has i would be ashamed of my treatment of it. in that it has never once failed me and i fully expect it to last my life time and the the life of who ever picks it up after I'm done with it. The only draw back I've found with it was the hand strength required to open it one handed. I did some custom file work on the edges of the handle to add grip and wrapped the blade with tape to practice and practice and practice one handed opening. Now proficient at it I really enjoy the "THWACK" of the lock up. That said two hands opening is recommended if you would like to prevent announcing your intentions to the whole room. This knife is a serious piece of hardware and will not fail those who choose to carry it.Bill


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